Rebalancing the map and loadout system.

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Good day everyone! I'm curious -- did anyone notice an absurd amount of Base point and an extremely low Resource point numbers? Aswell as old horrible loadout system of 1.5. Exo users with a rank of Novice/Trainee, and masters in leather jackets... its ridicilous. I made my own modifications to fix these issues, should I ever post them online?

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    Warfare uses whatever the weapon packs / other mods give the squads. It will only concern itself with spawning more novice/advanced/veteran squads based on that chance. I try not to tread too much into the loadout territory as that steps on weapon packs toes and makes compatibility harder.

    Bases have been discussed and are going to be cut down on. There are indeed too many haha.

  2. taxman

    There is coming loadout enhancement with 1.5 release, for vanilla and weapons addons too - but it handles only equipmnet loadouts related to rank - no rookies with highgtech weapons, or exos with some funny PM... I noticed too weird situations regarding rank/outfit even in previous versions. If npc type(outfit) and npc rank have any impact on gameplay then indeed maybe it should be taken care of somehow.

  3. Morris94 reporter

    Well, weapon packs usually also add some weird loadout decisions, and vanilla one is simply terrible -- for vanilla and OWR users (OWR does not modify the loadout system), my decision might be good. For example -- mercs no longer use Soviet weapons, and almost 100 percent they use silenced pistols and rifles. Cut Monolithians with RPG (since they were a nuisanse when playing either as or against Monolith). Snipers have a rank of Master now, and they have a chance to spawn among advanced/veteran squads, instead of spawning separately. It was fun when sniper squad, while requiring veteran conditions, had a pathetic offline combat power due to their pitiful ranks. That sort of things I propose.

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