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Hi mate, I hope Im not boring but I have a little suggestion for warfare. I rly like your addon. Is it possible to make that every faction has a ,,smallest squad size" and ,,largest squad size" tab in options menu? That way some factions could prefer quantity over quality. Like bandis should have a bit bigger squads bad with worst tech. Clear sky or Scientist should have smaller squads but more advanced

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  1. Rowan

    I also think this would be really a neat addition!

    At the moment the squad size randomization is also kinda buggy, since it also affects mutant squads resulting in squads of Psuedogiants and/or Chimera that are between the min and max (a squad of 6 of either is pretty nasty, especially since they are generally balanced to be solo mutants and normally spawn as such with random off).

  2. Morris94

    You can edit a file found in configs\misc\squad_descr.ltx -- it controls the quantities of the squads, aswell as which NPC profiles to pick when forming a squad. Example:

    faction = stalker

    npc_random = sim_default_stalker_0, sim_default_stalker_0, sim_default_stalker_0, sim_default_stalker_1

    npc_in_squad = 3

    This means, that Loner novice squads consists of 3 members, and picked among the lowest Loners possible, wich 25 percent probability of a slightly more experienced member to spawn.

    To random the squadmate count you may use npc_in_squad = 1, 3. This means, it will be random, ranging from a lone member, and up to 3.

    Thus, you may control squads and change the game to your liking, if Warfare randomized squad count is not sufficient for you (as it is for me too, lol).

  3. xarshi repo owner

    Definitely keep posting ideas if you have them. Even if I don't respond I appreciate any suggestions I get, and I will read them all and take them seriously.

    I'll implement this tonight, this does indeed sound like a good addition.

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