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For example -- you send a squad to target a specific smart, or they go over there on their own. After the smart is clear from hostiles, squads reroute themselves to a different point. For example: Freedom, 5 squads are en-route to Fortified Checkpoint. After all mercs are eliminated, they somehow rerouted to Hidden Shelter, even tho its under out control already and reached its max capacity. I see more squads coming from Freedom Base, and they have the same target -- Hidden Shelter. When I played as Clear Sky, squads were rerouted to a Fishing Hamlet, causing a huge lag, since almost every available base was sending squads there... for no real purpose but to stack over 15 squads. After coming in Agroprom, smart near tunnel had 10 out of 2 capacity worth of Military, so, it plagues... every faction. For now the only cure I see is to switch smart capacity restrictor back ON.

Well, bug submitted.

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    I've been busy with work, but I do read every issue here and will in time act upon them. Posting issues here is the best thing you can do to help warfare, as it is easiest to track here.

    I'll check out this behavior. Some of it I think should be addressed in the form of limiting the number of bases that can target a single point, but the re-routing thing sounds like some faulty logic somewhere potentially. I'll check that out.

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