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I wrote about this but I was thinking about making this proposal visible to everyone as proposal issue.

I think that resources dont play major role currently and its quite simple what you need to do about them (just send one squad to guard it and thats it). I think it can be implemented in a different way and it would maybe be more interesting. If you could make a bar for each faction that shows how many resources that faction have it would have bigger impact on a game. For example every resource point should have a timer (like base) and when it counts to zero resource is either ready for gather (send a squad to collect it) or it simply increases faction resources by x amount. Faction resource bar should be split in few segments. For example max amount of resources is 9. If faction has only 3 resources it spawns squads with worst equipment, 3-6 and it spawns medium tech squads, 6-9 and it spawns hi tech squads. If faction have many people then it spends resources faster. For example 10 people = 1 resource daily. This could open a way for faction trade in the future if you plan to implement it. Important thing is resource timers should be adjustable in options menu and visible when you mouse over resource point. Also speed od resource decrease should be adjustable. There it goes... another idea :D

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  1. MJ20393 reporter

    It could also be implemented, that when you click on a base you can set which squads you want to spawn. For example you want more people with low tech weapons so you set you main base to spawn only low tech squads. (Low tech squads should cost less resources then hi tech) but you can set your second base to spawn only hi tech squads and thus making it spend more resources. So resource decrease should be affected by number of people in faction and which type of squads you choose to spawn.

  2. xarshi repo owner

    I think what I'll do is give every resource point a timer, and have a "max resources" variable for each point. As time progresses, the resource point will gain more resources and add more to the faction.

    However, in warfare, there are 3 ways resources affect overall squads that are spawned. In warfare there is the concept of global resources, regional resources, and local resources.

    Global resources is simply tied to how many resource points you have. Regional resources is the number of resources on a bases current level and neighboring levels. Local resources is the number of resources on the bases current level only.

    What I think I'll do is give timers for all three variables, as this could lead to some interesting tweaking such as having some factions take a while to really be able to contribute to their overall resource pool, but could quickly spawn squads reflecting the local resource boost or something.

    I'm not sure I want resources to have to be collected necessarily, but rather have a max contribution it builds up to. I feel like if its collectible it will be very easily farmed and allow for people to stockpile resource points, effectively rendering the system pointless. Always open to opinions though.

    Also, btw, definitely do proposals or whatever for ideas like this, I like to keep things documented. Sometimes I'm a little slow to respond, but if its in the tracker I will absolutely read it at some point lol

  3. xarshi repo owner

    I guess one option is to do what your second comment said and let you select specific squads to spawn.

    I think that if I do that, I'm going to have bases have a "recharge" time, so it'd be just like an RTS I guess and replace the concept of faction respawn time in total, as factions would simply have to wait until they had enough resources around to spawn a new squad. I definitely like this idea and will keep workshopping ideas for it.

  4. Rowan

    I quite like the idea of resource 'charging up' before reaching their possible max, as it would mean contested resource points do not instantly boost the factions that takes them. It also has the added bonus of slowing down the progression from low resource to high resource.

    A few modifiers, faction specific, could also be added to enhance this feature further (if not too complex):

    • Resource Lockdown Rate (This modifier affects the rate in which resources are locked down, either decreasing or increasing the amount of time taken to reach maximum resources). A higher value means a faster lockdown rate, whilst a value of zero could mean no gain rate at all.

    • Resource Value Modifier (This modifier affects the amount of resources gained from a point). A higher value results in a greater maximum resources, whilst a lower value results in less per point.

    These two values, on top of that system, could allow for more diverse faction customisation by users (I've actually seen a few users post custom config files for the mod, and with greater customisation and a more feature-complete experience Warfare could potentially become a foundation for config-based 'mods').

    The Army, for example, could have a very low resource lockdown rate but could have a much greater max from each resource point. Tied in with a higher base resource amount, so their squads have a higher base quality, could lead to a slow snow-ball sort of faction if left for too long. Monolith could also function in a similar manner, come to think of it.

    Bandits, on the otherhand, could have a much lower max resource per point but could reach that max rather rapidly, allowing them to take advantage of resources more rapidly even if it requires them to take more land compared to other factions. It would allow for distinction between swarmers, snowballers and those that fit snug inbetween.

  5. MJ20393 reporter

    Ok, I agree that sending squads to collect resources is a bit complex and could be exploated. I like this idea about resources lock down and value modifier, just make it adjustable in warfare options menu. It would be a nice addition. And about rts like game style, yea, I think it would be more interesting then current spawn system. I think for the beginning it just need to have simple counter when you mouse over base that shows how many resources your faction has. Base size could influence speed od recruitment when you spend resources. For example main base with max population of 6 would spawn squads with the speed of min squad respawn time (adjustable in warfare menu) and small base would spawn using max squad respawn time (also currently adjustible in options).

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