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Ron Walden
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Stopped following: Playing the new 1.5r4 with the warfare-69ab19d13b39 update. Fighting with Monolith down from Chernobyl South with a crew of 3. Game action was proceeding well until a battle at the Limansk Bridge in the Red Forest. I had 3 companions and lost 2 of them in this battle. The 3rd guy stayed knelt as if in stealth mode, would not follow me. I bought a new squad of 3 advanced, same thing: squatted and wouldn't follow me. Exited game and came back, same behavior. Slayed the companions and got new ones, same thing. I recopied the **3b39 files update files, same thing. Completely new game, companions following properly.

Stopped fighting: Fighting with Monolith down from Pripyat in All-Out-War, built up well armed force of 21 companions. After we won the Army Warehouses they stopped fighting. I tried releasing them all and grabbed 1 squad back - nothing. Hosties/Mutants will shoot them up without them returning fire. After several game restarts using previous saves, received the "attempt to call method "get_squad_community" (a nil value). File attached

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  1. Ron Walden reporter
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    Discovered two things: 1) If I use the follow command, then give the wait command only to the leader, the others will leave him and start following. 2) Save, quit, reload gets them all following again. 3) They all stay in stealth mode no matter what I've tried.

  2. longignol

    I got this same error some times with big squads of companions. The solution I've found is to stop using companions and instead select the squads via PDA and make them follow you (right click on squad, select squad, right click on you, follow)

    It's even better the fighting strategy they implement in this way, they spread out and try to flank sometimes. BUT its anoying how close they follow you and the time they spend looting bodies.

  3. Ron Walden reporter

    Good work-around, thanks! I do like the better fighting strategy, and don't like that they are busy looting, usually while I'm still fighting! And yes - been nailed several times when, in the heat of battle, I can't move because they're right on my heels.

  4. longignol

    Glad it helped you! I'm still carrying 2/3 companions, you know.. as bodyguards :P or a couple of snipers is very useful too, when you tell'em to stay in one specific spot like a hill with your companions commands.

    The two mentioned problems:

    *Give a short distance between the squad and the target they are following, this way you could make a chain of squads forming a column, instead of assigning everyone to follow you and have them piled up in one spot. And it would be easier to select a specific squad from the PDA due to spacing.

    • When one of the squads is wiped the chain would broke. Having the name of the squad commander displayed on your "selected squad" (PDA) would help to organize this matter, the same way it gets displayed like a message when you assign them a specific task.

    *Regarding looting, I would like to disable it. I've seen friendlys and enemies looting in the middle of a firefight, and it also delays the advance when you are trying to blitzkrieg an enemy base. But the main issue with looting I think (I've mentioned this in another branch), it's NPCs inventories. They get filled up with stuff, and when he dies that stuff goes to another one and so on. I suspect this is a heavy weight on IDs when it comes to "Not enough IDs" crash.

    -You could give it as an option too, a sub-folder with the disabled looting script to patch the main one.

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