So sorry for posting this here.

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Ethyn Nabess
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Looked for a solid hour where to message someone on this God forsaken site, but this is getting sickening, so I just gave up and came here, sorry again. But do you have the version of warfare that came before 1.5? It was perfect for the time being, and 1.5 will just not work for the existence of me due to the problems they have already addressed. (Their fixes do not work for me.) But I ever since I have played warfare, any Stalker game has just seemed sorta empty without it (props again for creating the best add-on out there, hell, even the best mod, CoC would be snooze fest after the first play through without Warfare IMO.)

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    No worries, on bitbucket this is probably the best place I'd say. Most recent 1.4.22 commit was this -

    Bitbucket doesn't make it very easy to download previous versions, but I believe that should work with 1.4.22.

    Also Ash_E, not ignoring your stuff, just busy with work and all that lol. Keep up the ideas, I'll be catching up soon. Hoping to do a new update soon as well.

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