Whats the Deal with Clear Sky?

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Hello! I really want to try this mod and love it since it has stunning amounts of potential, and i can already see that lots of hard work has gone into it. However, since Clear Sky is my favorite faction, it bothers me that Clear Sky has some minor weird things going on. Librarian has disappeared off the face of the world. Like i cannot find him at all! Also, Cold, Spore, Novikov, and all of the Clear Sky STALKERS surrounding the campfire in the center of the hidden base no longer identify as 'Clear Sky', but as 'Traders'? Its confusing because they are no longer considered a part of Clear Sky. Speaking to Cold, he will ask you to join clear sky for 15000Ru even if you are already in Clear Sky. Its confusing, and i was hoping you could share some insight on the issue? I havent had any other noticeable instability; but if i do i will report it here.

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    Unique squads were switched to the Trader faction so that there are no invincible enemies running around. It also lets you talk to uniques who would otherwise be hostile with all out war etc.

    Clear Sky uniques have had issues for a while, I haven't been very focused on them since they aren't really viewed as important to warfare. I'll take a look at that stuff this weekend however.

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