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now that 1.5 r6 warfare is working, whenever I make a new game only a certain select few factions spawn. it seems to be systematic because when I choose loner, only duty, bandits, and clear sky spawn and have a base. any other faction like freedom or monolith cease to exist entirely. when i become duty only loners remain. monolith=zombies and 1 merc squad. ecologist=no other factions. wasn't able to figure out what's causing it, but this is beginning to get on my nerves.(also fog of war fucks with grass)

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    Fog of war is purely a PDA thing, it has nothing to do with actual rendering. It just will show squads on the PDA when they are close - I'll look at it but I doubt thats causing issues with grass rendering unless its just breaking shit entirely.

    For the other issue, I'm going to need more information. Both random spawns and vanilla spawns work perfectly for me, so there is something different about your installation apparently.

    Can you re-launch the game, enable debug logging, and start a new game?

    It is possible the stalker population factor mixed with the random stalker chance could cause factions not to spawn with random spawns I believe, but I need more info to say for sure what is happening.

  2. Ash_E

    Does fog of war hide bases as well?

    If so, perhaps the issue creator just isn't seeing the bases for these factions due to them being far away?

  3. xarshi repo owner

    Fog of war will indeed hide bases. If you aren't within the fog of war distance, every point will appear as a white circle with just the point name and its point type (though I think the current version on bitbucket is bugged in that regard, my local version is fixed and I'll push that out soon though). It's definitely possible he just didn't realize they were there.

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