Compatibility with Call of Misery

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Warfare should be made compatible with Call of Misery. Apparently its not too difficult to merge, but there are a couple conflicts.

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  1. driveandkill

    Hey sorry for commenting here but I am unsure if you check comments on moddb since the comment section there is quite messy usually. I cant really tell whether or not compatibility with COM is already in the mod or planned so far. If it is already in do I have to download a special version of this somewhere or how would it work? Also I would like to thank you for making this mod, my previous playthrough was so intense thanks to you :D

  2. xarshi reporter

    Yeah, I haven't been on ModDB for a bit. I guess ultimately I just dislike that site... I'll see about checking it more frequently. However, Bitbucket is 100% the best way to get in touch with me in regards to this project.

    As for CoM, I do plan support, but I have to gut some features in Warfare unless they update it to the most recent Call of Chernobyl (1.4.22). I'll get around to it eventually, but thats the main reason I've put it off for so long - I really dislike the idea of downgrading to work on compatibility for a mod lol.

  3. driveandkill

    Ah I see, thank your for the quick response, I also hope they update it at some point so we wont have to miss out on features although I imagine that even a somewhat cut version will still be fun. Anyway keep up the good work!

  4. Marco Colonna

    I try to merge WARFARE in CoM, but I'm very noob to code and merge. But I know this: in CoM the PDA are almost complete disabled, and many crash log in my try result on error related to PDA; not sure, and improbable, is only this the problem. Hope is helpful this comment. My english is like my experience in code.

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