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I saw somewhere the suggestion to make certain factions (like Loners) not participate in wars or something similar... My idea is not simply disable them but keep playable - only in different way. Example: Loners will remain in the some bases and respawn there but permanently and they won't be trying to capture another. Very few of these bases - even less than one per level to not interfere with the proper warfare. Two bases in Escape as main headquarters with trader and mechanic, furthermore maybe places like Skadovsk, Jupiter station, not too much though. A friendly fully fledged faction may also send squads there, therefore help to defend as well as benefit from the stalkers presence(trade, better goods and so on..). Of course a hostile faction can simply take that place by force and kill everyone inside, so they will have additional base but without access to the Loners connections.
Besides, these kinds of factions will hang out around resources, territories, allied bases... So, what are "these"? In my mind: Loners, Ecologs, Bandits, Mercs, Army, maybe Clear Sky(not sure with this one), leaving the Duty, Freedom and Monolith(and maybe CS) as the full fledged factions by definition(in terms of being the proper faction) - they will still expand, fight for territory and so. Ideally, every of "not proper faction" would be a bit different - Loners and Ecologs focused on resources/hunting for artifacts, Bandits however prefer ambush and rob someone in the wilderness. Occasionally assault and plunder some wealthy base... Military may want to maintain a key important outposts, strategically relevant, guard the borders of Zone, fight Monolith... Mercs can be hired(as i saw in the another proposal i think), by player or other factions... It's just a few loose thoughts honestly ;D General idea is to keep all factions playable and fitted into Warfare but diverse - as Loner you will have to cope and survive in the midst of the dynamic war zone, trade with friends, run from foes, loot all after the battle ;) IMO it should suit nicely along with the planned story or enhanced joining to factions?

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    I saw you forked warfare - is that to work on new features? (if not whatever) Would be cool to have some help adding more features. xQd is helping out some as well.

    This feature is still being planned out and all that.

  2. taxman reporter

    Haha, for now I'm just having fun and trying to figure out how it work, for start xD But yea, maybe someday i will put my stuff here, but i planned it for my own use. I regularly use my own custom files(with minor changes here and there), both for vanilla CoC and Warfare, and i was thinking to simplify it a bit(no need to edit or merging files on disc every update/commit etc.). Frankly speaking i'm new and still green at this game but slowly catching up on some issues ;D I wasn't even aware that my messing was visible to you xd. Unfortunately i don't know about scripting or other harder stuff, in fact i'm kind of self-learner, i peek into files and try to figure out what it is about, so far it's just simple edits to configs etc. But i made some progress(modding stalker once was a black magic for me lol). I will be happy to help but sadly i don't have much skill ;( Nice to hear that you've found someone knowing some shit to help, i'm aware that such mods(faction wars in stalker, eg. TFW for CS) are hard and complicated and i really appreciate your work :)

  3. xarshi repo owner

    If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask, I certainly don't mind helping out with stuff. Community input can only make things better.

    And yeah I guess I get emailed whenever people branch lol. I absolutely don't mind if people do, was just curious haha.

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