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Awhile back I recall you saying that you wanted to tie resources to a squad in someway, I believe it was something a long the lines of squads moving owned resources around, Anyway I just wanted to expand on that idea and suggest that you could perhaps tie resources to a squad in another way.

For example you could make it so for every resource point a faction controls, a VIP squad is spawned so for the Army it'd be a high ranking officer or for Loners a Veteran Stalker. These VIP squads will patrol between owned points and bases giving players the opportunity to hit them during a base assault or taking them out when wandering between their territories. If killed, the faction will suffer some sort of setback, maybe a temporary decrease in resources and lowered aggression making them less likely to send out attacks until they recover. You could also give the faction that killed the VIP a temporary buff of some sort, whether it be increased resources or lowered spawn times for squads.

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  1. xarshi repo owner

    Sorry for the late response, but I like this. I think as well, I'll have the VIP squad escorted by one or two other squads, just to make them a threat.

  2. Aquilares reporter

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, that or make the VIP squad larger than a regular squad, 8-12 people in the squad, all being veterans/masters so there'll be a mix of Exo suits and top tier armor and weapons depending on faction.

  3. MJ20393

    I have another idea. Is it possible to make option when you select a squad and click on resource point to send them on ,,gather resources" task? If squad is going to collect resources you can receive notification that it is happening and you can go and ambush them because you can predict their route. Every resource point can have timer which can be adjustable to set when is it full and you need to send squad to collect resources.

    I think its better because it doesnt just spawn some masters and veterans from thin air. For example almost beaten faction would have top tier big squad spawning and going somewhere.

    I just dont have idea what should be reward for collecting resources. I mean I can say this for example but its going to be too complex maybe. Make some kind of bar where you can see how much resources faction have and split that bar in 9 parts for example. First 3 parts is tier 1, 3-6 is tier 2 and 6-9 is tier 3. Every collected resource gives +1 to faction but resources decrease depending on how many fighters that faction has. For example bandits should have big decrease rate because there should be a lot of them. Scientist faction can have very slow resource decrease because they dont have many people spending resources. Speed of resource decrease should be adjustable depending on a faction.

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