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Tips on creating issues

  • Attach a log file, this is important as this is the only way for me to have any clue what was happening when the issue occurred

  • In the Title field, enter a description of the issue. Ideally this would be concise.

  • In the description, I'd like it to know what happened when the crash occurred, and the events leading up to the crash. Be as specific as you can. If you can provide steps to recreate, that would be ideal.

  • For assignee, click where it says Select user and select 'xarshi' (only name in the list) or leave it blank, doesn't really matter.

  • For kind, select bug. If you have any ideas or improvements, you can set the kind to proposal or enhancement respectively.

  • For attachments, attach the crash log. If using debug logging, you may need to compress the file or even break it up into smaller files. That shit takes up a lot of space and I highly recommend disabling it unless you are getting crashes often.

  • Try to use your best judgment when prioritizing; if its something you think is a huge issue then bump it up, if you think there are larger issues then maybe lower its priority. Kinda some guessing work involved of course, and I can change it if I feel the priority doesn't entirely fit the issue.

  • For priority, there are five options:

    1. Trivial - Typically cosmetic issues that pertain to warfare's user interface
    2. Minor - Major cosmetic issues, minor loss of functionality, infrequent crash.
    3. Major - Major loss of functionality, somewhat frequent crash.
    4. Critical - Huge loss of functionality, huge amounts of lag related to warfare, crashes frequently.
    5. Blocker - You cannot play the game at all. Everything is crashing and burning.

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