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Warfare / Base Behavior

Base Behavior - WIP


Bases will no longer look at their current level for an "invasion target" which guides them to either targets on their current level or a neighboring one.

Instead, bases should simply look at the world around them, taking into consideration the immediate level a little less and surrounding levels a little more. This should help better break apart the mod and allow for factions to return to a behavior similar to the original game

Current Functionality

Currently, each faction on a level can have an invasion target. The same faction on two different levels may have two different invasion targets or the same one simply depending on prioritization. The prioritization code will be detailed here shortly, although the core of it will likely change soon.

Future Functionality

Bases should be decoupled from their immediate level, at least to an extent. They should consider all linked levels as well as the current level equally, or alternatively, simply sort the levels based on distance from the point. That would still lead to the current level being looked at first, but would not limit the base to only choosing points on the current level.