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Warfare / Preset_System

Preset System - Issue #44


Warfare uses a file based preset system. When you drop an ltx file into gamedata\configs\warfare_presets\, and have a [warfare_options] section defined inside of it, that preset will be listed in the combo box on the warfare options menu.

Warfare Options Menu

  • When you press Apply with a preset selected in the preset combo box, the preset will be applied to the settings within the warfare options menu, and the preset combo box will be reset. The applied changes will not be saved yet.
  • When you press Apply with no preset selected in the preset combo box, then all the options in warfare options menu will save to the gamedata\configs\warfare_options.ltx file and will be used in game.

Making a Preset

Typically, the process of "making" a preset would be this:

  1. Either edit the warfare_options.ltx file or set the desired values in the warfare options menu
  2. Copy the warfare_options.ltx file to your gamedata\configs\warfare_presets\ folder
  3. Rename the warfare_options.ltx file you just copied to your new preset name
  4. Optionally, post an issue

Eventually, I will likely be making a system to directly write out a preset from the Warfare Options menu, but I'll experiment with that and see what feels best.