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Patches to corelease with 20.5-b20

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+1998-01-17  SL Baur  <>
+	* Makefile (binkit): Create infod directory if necessary.
+	From Charles G Waldman <>
 1997-07-02  Steven L Baur  <>
 	* Makefile (autoloads): New targets to automatically rebuild
 # remove the MULE_ELCS line for building without Mule.
-VERSION = 1.02
+VERSION = 1.03
 PACKAGE = auctex
 PKG_TYPE = regular
 REQUIRES = xemacs-base
 	-rm -rf $(STAGING)/etc/$(PACKAGE)
 	-mkdir -p $(STAGING)/etc/$(PACKAGE)/style
 	-rm -rf $(STAGING)/info/*
+	-mkdir -p $(STAGING)/info
 	cp -a ChangeLog *.el* $(STAGING)/lisp/$(PACKAGE)
 	cp -a etc/* $(STAGING)/etc/$(PACKAGE)/style
 	cp -a texi/*.info* $(STAGING)/info
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