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+@heading News in 11.55
+@itemize @bullet
+A bug was fixed which lead to the insertion of trailing whitespace
+during filling.  In particular extra spaces were added to sentence
+endings at the end of lines.  You can make this whitespace visible by
+setting the variable @code{show-trailing-whitespace} to @code{t}.  If
+you want to delete all trailing whitespace in a buffer, type @kbd{M-x
+delete-trailing-whitespace RET}.
+A bug was fixed which lead to a @samp{*Compile-Log*} buffer popping up
+when the first @LaTeX{} file was loaded in an Emacs session.
+On some systems the presence of an outdated Emacspeak package lead to
+the error message @samp{File mode specification error: (error "Variable
+binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size")}.  Precautions were added which
+prevent this error from happening.  But nevertheless, it is advised to
+upgrade or uninstall the outdated Emacspeak package.
+The value of @code{TeX-macro-global} is not determined during
+configuration anymore but at load time of @AUCTeX{}.  Consequently the
+associated configuration option @samp{--with-tex-input-dirs} was
+Support for the @LaTeX{} Japanese classes @samp{jsarticle} and
+@samp{jsbook} was added.
+@end itemize
 @heading News in 11.54
 @itemize @bullet
 Sectioning commands are now shown in a larger font on display devices
 which support such fontification.  The variable
-@code{font-latex-title-fontity} can be customized to restore the old
+@code{font-latex-title-fontify} can be customized to restore the old
 appearance, i.e. the usage of a different color instead of a change in