auctex / texi / macros.texi

@ifclear macros
@set macros
@macro AUCTeX {}
@end macro
@macro ConTeXt {}
@end macro
@macro LaTeX {}
@end macro
@macro previewlatex {}
@end macro
@macro fontlatex {}
@end macro
@ifset no-acronym
@clear no-acronym
@macro acronym {text}
@end macro
@end ifset
@ifset no-env
@clear no-env
@macro env {text}
@end macro
@end ifset
@ifset no-option
@clear no-option
@macro option {text}
@end macro
@end ifset
@ifset no-command
@clear no-command
@macro command {text}
@end macro
@end ifset
@end ifnottex
@macro sans {text}@c
{@textsf \text\}@c
@end iftex
@end ifnottex
@end macro
    {\sf preview-latex}#1}
    {\sf font-latex}#1}
    Con\TeX t}
\ifx\acronym\undefined \gdef\acronym#1{{\smallcaps \lowercase{#1}}} \fi
\ifx\env\undefined \global\let\env=\code \fi
\ifx\option\undefined \global\let\option=\samp \fi
\ifx\command\undefined \global\let\command=\samp \fi
%Bug fix for texinfo.tex:
@end tex
@end ifclear
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