auctex / CHANGES

News in 10.0

   * Disabled `LaTeX-hide-environment'.  Suggested by Christopher Allen

   * Changed default to lazy evaluation of `TeX-view-style' and
     `LaTeX-command-style'.  Suggested by Peter Neergaard

   * Backindent when brace is at the start of a line.  Patch by Masashi
     Shimbo <>.

   * Added Emacs 21 font lock support.

   * `,' and `.' no longer removes italic correction.

   * `graphicx' and `graphics' style support.  Donated by Ryuichi
     Arafune <>.

   * `LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix' now accepts vector value.  Reported by
     Jan Vroonhof <>.

   * Improved Texinfo support(more environments and html).  Patch by
     Akim Demaille <>.

   * `danish' quotes support.  Suggested by (Arne

   * Some PDF support.

   * New `tex-mik.el' file for MikTeX support.

   * Some commands now have their own history.  Suggested by Werner
     LEMBERG <sx0005@sx2.HRZ.Uni-Dortmund.DE>.

   * Use `\centering' instead of center environment in figures.  Patch
     by Stefan Monnier <>.

   * New `dwim' setting for `TeX-master' attempts to guess a default
     master for new files.  Patch by Stefan Monnier <>.

   * `ngerman' style support.  Just a copy of the german style support.

   * Removed support for Emacs 18 and 19.

   * `mdwlist' support.  Patch by Stephen Heilbronner

   * Fixed various bugs with the babel package.

   * `amsart' and `amsbook' now loads `amsthm' by default.  Patch by
     Rune Kleveland <>.

   * Fixed bug with file searching.  Reported by Berwin Turlach

   * Finalized index support, added index-related style files.  Patch
     by Carsten Dominik <>.

   * New style files for `varioref.sty' and `fancyref.sty'.  Patch by
     Carsten Dominik <>.

   * `texmathp' recognizes additional macros like `\fbox'.  Patch by
     Ulrik Vieth <>.