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@section News in 9.9

@itemize @bullet
@item Bug fix in JLATEX recognition.  Patch by
Tsutomu OKUMURA <oku@@nml.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp>.

@item Bug fix in foils package sypport.
Suggested by Bernt Guldbrandtsen <bernt@@jupiter.ansci.iastate.edu>.

@item Made @code{make install-contrib} compile the contributed lisp
Suggested by Nils Ackermann <Nils.Ackermann@@math.uni-giessen.de>. 

@item In @code{texinfo-mode}, @kbd{C-c C-f C-d} now deletes the current
font, while @kbd{C-u C-c C-f @var{key}} changes it.  @samp{@@dfn} moved
to @kbd{C-c C-f d}.  Suggested by Christoph Wedler

@item Fixed some custom types.  
Patch by Markus Rost <markus.rost@@mathematik.uni-regensburg.de>.

@item Support loading byte compiled files, even if
@code{TeX-byte-compile} is nil.
Patch by Christoph Wedler  <wedler@@fmi.uni-passau.de>.

@item The command to replace a LaTeX2e font should work more reliably
now.  Patch by Christoph Wedler  <wedler@@fmi.uni-passau.de>.

@item Minor XEmacs packaging changes.
Patch by Christoph Wedler  <wedler@@fmi.uni-passau.de>.

@item @code{TeX-file-recurse} now accepts an integer value, max depth of
recursion.  Patch by Alastair Burt  <burt@@dfki.bde>.

@item Simple imenu support for La@TeX{}.

@item Workaround for 20.3 bugs. 

@item The `Spell' command now works on all open buffers in the
document.  Patch by Jason Stewart <jasons@@cs.unm.edu>.

@item @kbd{C-c C-m} now puts content of region inside first empty brackets
in the macro, if any.  Patch by Peter Thiemann <pjt@@cs.nott.ac.uk>.

@item Update of @file{natbib.el} style file by Carsten Dominik

@item Much better detection of @TeX{} math mode.  Patch by Carsten Dominik

@item New @samp{%n} escape in @code{TeX-command-list} for entering the
current line number.  Suggested by "Lee, Sang-Min"

@item Doc fixes in manual.  Patch by Gustavo Chaves

@item Better reftex support for sections.  Patch by Carsten Dominik

@item Bug fixes in math card.  Reported by "Ron Smith"

@item Better multifile support.  Patch by Soren Dayton

@item Don't expand abbreviations when @code{abbrev-mode} is nil.
Suggested by Alastair Burt <alastair.burt@@dfki.de>.

@item @samp{direntry} support in manual, by SL Baur
@end itemize