auctex / texi / math-ref.tex

% -*- plain-tex -*- 
% $Id$
% Reference Card for LaTeX Math Minor Mode
%**start of header

% This file can be printed with 1, 2, or 3 columns per page (see below).
% Specify how many you want here.  Nothing else needs to be changed.


% This file is intended to be processed by plain TeX (TeX82).
% compile-command: "tex auc-tex-ref.tex"

% Original author of Auc-TeX Reference Card:
%       Terrence Brannon, PO Box 5027, Bethlehem, PA 18015 , USA
%  internet:  (215) 758-1720 (215) 758-2104
% Kresten Krab Thorup updated the reference card to 6.*
% Per Abrahamsen updated the reference card to 7.*
% Thanks to Stephen Gildea
% Paul Rubin, Bob Chassell, Len Tower, and Richard Mlynarik
% for creating the GNU Emacs Reference Card from which this was mutated

\def\version{February \year\ v\versionnumber}

\def\shortcopyrightnotice{\vskip 1ex plus 2 fill
  \centerline{\small \copyright\ \year\ Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  Permissions on back.  v\versionnumber}}

\vskip 1ex plus 2 fill\begingroup\small
\centerline{Copyright \copyright\ 1987 Free Software Foundation, Inc.}
\centerline{Copyright \copyright\ 1992 Kresten Krab Thorup}
\centerline{Copyright \copyright\ \year\ Per Abrahamsen}

Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of
this card provided the copyright notice and this permission notice
are preserved on all copies.


% make \bye not \outer so that the \def\bye in the \else clause below
% can be scanned without complaint.



  column\if 1\ncolumns\else s\fi\space per page]}

\def\scaledmag#1{ scaled \magstep #1}

% This multi-way format was designed by Stephen Gildea
% October 1986.
\if 1\ncolumns
  \hsize 4in
  \vsize 10in
  \voffset -.7in
  \font\titlefont=\fontname\tenbf \scaledmag3
  \font\headingfont=\fontname\tenbf \scaledmag2

  \hsize 3.2in
  \vsize 7.95in
%  \hoffset -.75in
%  \voffset -.745in
  \font\titlefont=cmbx10 \scaledmag2
  \font\headingfont=cmbx10 \scaledmag1
  \normalbaselines\rm           %make definitions take effect

  \if 2\ncolumns
    \def\makefootline{\vskip 2in \hsize=6.86in\line{\the\footline}}
  \else \if 3\ncolumns
    \errhelp{You must set \columnsperpage equal to 1, 2, or 3.}
    \errmessage{Illegal number of columns per page}

      % This next line is useful when designing the layout.
      %\immediate\write16{Column \folio\abc\space starts with \firstmark}
      \if \maxcolumn\abc \multicolumnformat \global\def\abc{a}
      \else\if a\abc
        \global\setbox\columna\columnbox \global\def\abc{b}
        %% in case we never use \columnb (two-column mode)
        \global\setbox\columnb\hbox to -\intercolumnskip{}
        \global\setbox\columnb\columnbox \global\def\abc{c}\fi\fi}

    \if a\abc \else\null\vfill\eject\fi
    \if a\abc \else\null\vfill\eject\fi

% we won't be using math mode much, so redefine some of the characters
% we might want to talk about



\parindent 0pt
\parskip 1ex plus .5ex minus .5ex



\outer\def\title#1{{\titlefont\centerline{#1}}\vskip 1ex plus .5ex}

  \vskip 3ex plus 2ex minus 2ex {\headingfont #1}\mark{#1}%
  \vskip 2ex plus 1ex minus 1.5ex}




\def\<#1>{$\langle${\rm #1}$\rangle$}

\def\kbd#1{{\tt#1}\null}        %\null so not an abbrev even if period follows

{\obeyspaces\global\let =\ }

\def\key#1#2{\leavevmode\hbox to \hsize{\vtop

\setbox\metaxbox\hbox{\kbd{M-x }}

\def\metax#1#2{\leavevmode\hbox to \hsize{\hbox to .75\hsize
  \hskip -\metaxwidth minus 1fil


%**end of header

\title{Math Mode Reference Card}


All math mode commands are under the prefix key specified by
LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix, default is "`".

You can define your own math mode commands by setting the variable
LaTeX-math-list before loading LaTeX-math-mode.

\section{Greek Letters}

\def\disp#1{\hbox to 6ex{$#1$\hfill}}
\key{\disp{\alpha} (alpha)}{a}
\key{\disp{\beta} (beta)}{b}
\key{\disp{\delta} (delta)}{d}
\key{\disp{\epsilon} (epsilon)}{e}
\key{\disp{\phi} (phi)}{f}
\key{\disp{\gamma} (gamma)}{g}
\key{\disp{\eta} (eta)}{h}
\key{\disp{\kappa} (kappa)}{k}
\key{\disp{\lambda} (lambda)}{l}
\key{\disp{\mu} (mu)}{m}
\key{\disp{\nabla} (nabla)}{N}
\key{\disp{\nu} (nu)}{n}
\key{\disp{\omega} (omega)}{o}
\key{\disp{\pi} (pi)}{p}
\key{\disp{\theta} (theta)}{q}
\key{\disp{\rho} (rho)}{r}
\key{\disp{\sigma} (sigma)}{s}
\key{\disp{\tau} (tau)}{t}
\key{\disp{\upsilon} (upsilon)}{u}
\key{\disp{\chi} (chi)}{x}
\key{\disp{\psi} (psi)}{y}
\key{\disp{\zeta} (zeta)}{z}
\key{\disp{\Delta} (Delta)}{D}
\key{\disp{\Phi} (Phi)}{F}
\key{\disp{\Gamma} (Gamma)}{G}
\key{\disp{\Theta} (Theta)}{Q}
\key{\disp{\Lambda} (Lambda)}{L}
\key{\disp{\Psi} (Psi)}{Y}
\key{\disp{\Pi} (Pi)}{P}
\key{\disp{\Sigma} (Sigma)}{S}
\key{\disp{\Upsilon} (Upsilon)}{U}
\key{\disp{\Omega} (Omega)}{O}


\key{\disp{\rightarrow} (rightarrow)}{C-f}
\key{\disp{\leftarrow} (leftarrow)}{C-b}
\key{\disp{\uparrow} (uparrow)}{C-p}
\key{\disp{\downarrow} (downarrow)}{C-n}
\key{\disp{\leq} (leq)}{<}
\key{\disp{\geq} (geq)}{>}
\key{\disp{\tilde{ }} (tilde)}{$\tilde{ }$}
\key{\disp{\infty} (infty)}{I}
\key{\disp{\forall} (forall)}{A}
\key{\disp{\exists} (exists)}{E}
\key{\disp{\not } (not)}{/}
\key{\disp{\in} (in)}{i}
\key{\disp{\times} (times)}{*}
\key{\disp{\cdot} (cdot)}{.}
\key{\disp{\subset} (subset)}{\{}
\key{\disp{\supset} (supset)}{\}}
\key{\disp{\subseteq} (subseteq)}{[}
\key{\disp{\supseteq} (supseteq)}{]}
\key{\disp{\emptyset} (emptyset)}{0}
\key{\disp{\setminus} (setminus)}{\\}
\key{\disp{\cup} (cup)}{+}
\key{\disp{\cap} (cap)}{-}
\key{\disp{\langle} (langle)}{(}
\key{\disp{\rangle} (rangle)}{)}
\key{\disp{\exp} (exp)}{C-e}
\key{\disp{\sin} (sin)}{C-s}
\key{\disp{\cos} (cos)}{C-c}
\key{\disp{\sup} (sup)}{C-^}
\key{\disp{\inf} (inf)}{C-_}
\key{\disp{\det} (det)}{C-d}
\key{\disp{\lim} (lim)}{C-l}
\key{\disp{\tan} (tan)}{C-t}
\key{\disp{\hat{ }} (hat)}{^}
\key{\disp{\vee} (vee)}{|}
\key{\disp{\wedge} (wedge)}{\&}


\key{cal letters}{c {\rm LETTER}}


% End:
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