auctex / PROBLEMS

* Your Emacs is missing easymenu.el.

Please upgrade.

If that is absolutely impossible, you can try installing 


under the name easymenu.el at some place where emacs can find it.  
The best place is in the standard Emacs lisp directory, because that
will automatically be removed when you upgrade.

* Missing menus or menus containing just the word "Bug".

You probably have an old version of easymenu.el or auc-menu.el.  Find
it, delete it, and recompile AUC TeX.  If you are using an old Emacs,
the easymenu.el may have been distributed with it.  In that case, see
the previous point.

* You are not using UNIX or can't figure out how to install.

0. Delete any old version you have.

1. Edit tex-site.el.  Read the comments in the file.

2. Add (load-file "<Path to AUC TeX>/tex-site.el") to your .emacs file.

If you start a fresh emacs, AUC TeX should be loaded now.  
The two next steps are optional:

3. Byte compile the files with "M-x byte-compile-file" for speed.

4. Do a `M-x TeX-auto-generate-global' to get full macro completion.

Look also for files with names like MSDOS, OS2, or VMS that might be
applicable for your system.

* You get errors during byte compilation.

This often indicates a type in your customizations.  If you have
modified `tex-site.el', try to enter that file from Emacs and type
`M-x eval-current-buffer RET' to find the error.

This is can also be because some old version of AUC TeX gets loaded
during the compilation.  Make sure to remove all old versions, and try
again.  The Emacs 19 byte-compiler will give warning about free
variables and unknown functions.  Ignore them.

tex-jp.el will fail unless you have an emacs that understands japanese. 

NEmacs-3.3.2 cannot `make install-auto', use `M-x TeX-auto-generate-global'

Mule-1.0-KIRITSUBO fails to parse some of the style files.

* You are using NeXT Emacs.

NeXT Emacs is broken, a workaround is available by ftp:

file: /packages/auctex/get-proc-env.el.z (gzip'ed)

* You are mixing Emacs 18, FSF Emacs 19, and Lucid Emacs 19.

Make sure to use the correct byte-compiled files for each version.
You may want to disable the automatic byte compilation by setting 

        (setq TeX-byte-compile nil)

in your .emacs file.

* None if this completion or multifile stuff works...

It must be enabled first, insert this in your emacs:

	(setq-default TeX-master nil)
	(setq TeX-parse-self t)
	(setq TeX-auto-save t)

Read also the chapters about parsing and multifile documents in the

* When I save `foo.bib' AUC TeX forgets the information in `foo.tex'.

For various reasons, AUC TeX ignores the extension when it store
information about a file, so you should use unique base names for your
files.  E.g. rename `foo.bib' to `foob.bib'.

* (La)TeX Interactive does not work.

You need comint.el on Emacs 18.  Look at your favorite elisp archive.

* TeX-save-document does not work.

Make sure TeX-check-path contains "./" somewhere.

* Ispell does not ignore TeX macros.

GNU ispell 4.0 does not understand TeX.  Upgrade to International
Ispell 3.1 which works much better on TeX documents.

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% mode: outline-minor
% End: