auctex / etc / varioref.el

;; AUCTeX style file with support for varioref.sty
;; Author: C. Dominik <>
;; Last change: 20 Feb 1999

(TeX-add-style-hook "varioref"
   (lambda ()

      ;; The macros with label arguments
      '("vref" TeX-arg-label)
      '("vpageref" [ "Same page text" ] [ "different page text" ] TeX-arg-label)
      '("fullref" TeX-arg-label)

      ;; And the other macros used for customization
      "reftextbefore" "reftextfacebefore"
      "reftextafter"  "reftextfaceafter"
      "reftextfaraway" "vreftextvario" "vrefwarning")

     ;; Install completion for labels
     (setq TeX-complete-list
	    '(("\\\\vref{\\([^{}\n\r\\%,]*\\)" 1 LaTeX-label-list "}")
	       2 LaTeX-label-list "}"))

;; varioref.el ends here
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