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+This file has three sets of installation instructions: with `make',
+without `make', and uncompiled. Please follow the appropriate set of
+instructions. If you plan on running BBDB directly from CVS, please
+check the additional instructions below.
+Running BBDB from CVS:
+  *** PLEASE NOTE ****
+  This applies to the master CVS tree at sourceforge, not the XEmacs CVS tree.
+  *** PLEASE NOTE ***
+  This is not recommended, unless you're a BBDB developer. You will
+  need to either install the GNU autoconf package, or download the
+  pregenerated copy of configure from the BBDB website. If you choose
+  the former option, you'll need to run `autoconf' to generate the
+  configure script. Thereafter, follow the appropriate set of
+  instructions below.
 To compile and install the BBDB on systems with `make':
   1) Configure the compilation process:
        system and generate the Makefile's accordingly.
        The `configure' script comes with a number of options that might be of
-       interest for you:
+       interest to you:
        `--with-emacs=PROG' lets you select an Emacs program to use. By
          default, "emacs" and "xemacs" will be tried in that order.
        To build the BBDB with support for all of the supported mail
        and news programs (gnus, mh-e, rmail, and vm), issue the
-       command 'make all'.  (The BBDB also supports send-mail mode -
+       command 'make all'.  (The BBDB also supports sendmail mode -
        support for it is automatically compiled in, regardless of the
        build options supplied) To build with support only for gnus,
        mh-e, rmail, and/or vm, issue the 'make' command with one or
        more of the following arguments: 'gnus', 'mh-e', 'rmail',
        and/or 'vm'.  To build the BBDB without support for any mail
-       program (except for send-mail mode), issue the command
+       program (except for sendmail mode), issue the command
        'make bbdb'.
   2) Install the BBDB as outlined in step 3 above.
+To run BBDB uncompiled:
+  Again, this is really not recommended, although it will generate a
+  more meaningful stacktrace if you happen to run into a problem. In
+  order to run BBDB uncompiled, you'll need to do two things:
+  1) Generate bbdb-autoloads.el
+     You can do this by typing 'make autoloads' in the main BBDB
+     directory. Note that this will require you to have previously run
+     configure to generate Makefiles.
+  2) Add .../bbdb/lisp to your load path
+     You need to make sure that the lisp subdirectory of the BBDB
+     source is in your load path so that Emacs can find the BBDB
+     files.
+  Since arbitrary chunks of the BBDB are macros, you'll probably find
+  the uncompiled version slower than the compiled version.
 *                                                                         *
 For information on post-installation BBDB configuration and setup, see
-the info file.
+the info file. (M-x bbdb, and press 'i' in the BBDB info window)
 Questions, Comments, Suggestions, and Bug Reports may be directed to
 the BBDB mailing list at  To