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+2000-11-07  Martin Buchholz <>
+	* ./texinfo/bbdb.texinfo: Doc fix.
 2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <>
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File texinfo/bbdb.texinfo

 The value of this field is used in place of the @code{name} field when
 printing the database using @code{bbdb-print}.  @xref{bbdb-print}.
 @item www
-This field contains the URL assocated with the @b{BBDB} record.  Common uses
+This field contains the URL associated with the @b{BBDB} record.  Common uses
 are with @code{bbdb-snarf} (@pxref{bbdb-snarf}) and the @b{BBDB}/Web Browser
 functionality (for initialization details, see @ref{Web Browser Prep}.  For
 usage details, see @ref{Using Web Browsers}).