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+Below instructions regarding "Making a release" are incorrect as per
+Instead, make sure to manually update following approximate locations
+before making a new release of build, checkin the changes and roll a
+new release.
+Substitute the package VERSION number (see Makefile) for $Name[^$]+$
+Substitute an ISO8601 date (YYYY-MM-DD) for $Date[^$]+$.
+cd c:\Hacking\XEmacs\xemacs-packages\libs\build\
+egrep -ni "\$[A-Z][a-z]+" * NUL
+Compilation started at Sun Apr 29 23:59:06 2001 +0200 (W. Europe Daylight Time)
+egrep: CVS: Invalid request code
+build.el:8:;; Date: $Date$
+build.el:9:;; Version: $Name$
+build.el:71:  (let ((x "$Name$"))
+build.el:80:  (let ((x "$Date$"))
+build.texi:28:@subtitle Version $Name$ (for XEmacs 21.1, 21.2), dated $Date$
+build.texi:59:This is the XEmacs Build Reference Manual, Version $Name$ (for XEmacs
+build.texi:60:21.1, 21.2), released $Date$, by @email{adrian@@xemacs.org, Adrian
+grep exited abnormally with code 2 at Sun Apr 29 23:59:07
 Making a release (2001-04-19):