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Martin's Monster Mega typo patch

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+2000-10-05  Martin Buchholz  <>
+	* *: Mega typo fix.
 1999-11-17  Tim Bradshaw  <>
 	* calc.el (calc-unread-command): call characterp not integerp

File calc-help.el

    '("Pack, Unpack, Identity, Diagonal, indeX, Build"
      "Row, Column, Subvector; Length; Find; Mask, Expand"
-     "Tranpose, Arrange, reVerse; Head, Kons; rNorm"
+     "Transpose, Arrange, reVerse; Head, Kons; rNorm"
      "SHIFT + Det, & (inverse), LUD, Trace, conJtrn, Cross"
      "SHIFT + Sort, Grade, Histogram; cNorm"
      "SHIFT + Apply, Map, Reduce, accUm, Inner-, Outer-prod"

File calc.texinfo

 is not turned on.  (If you work with symbolic mode on, recall that the
 @kbd{N} (@code{calc-eval-num}) key is a handy way to reevaluate the
 formula on the stack with symbolic mode temporarily off.)  Naturally,
-@kbd{a P} can only provide numerical roots if the polynomial coefficents
+@kbd{a P} can only provide numerical roots if the polynomial coefficients
 are all numbers (real or complex).
 @node Solving Systems of Equations, Decomposing Polynomials, Multiple Solutions, Solving Equations
 to a suitable range, namely, plus-or-minus @c{$\pi \over 4$}
 @cite{pi/4}.  Note that each
 test, and particularly the first comparison against 7, is designed so
-that small roundoff errors cannnot produce an infinite loop.  (Suppose
+that small roundoff errors cannot produce an infinite loop.  (Suppose
 we compared with @samp{(two-pi)} instead; if due to roundoff problems
 the modulo operator ever returned @samp{(two-pi)} exactly, an infinite
 recursion could result!)  We use modulo only for arguments that will