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package Makefile overhaul -- remove explicit targets, explicit specification of generated .el files, etc; all is done using directives [i.e. variables], as documented in XEmacs.rules

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 @c [begin]
-@node Top, Getting Started,, (dir)
+@node Top, Copying,, (dir)
 @chapter The GNU Emacs Calculator
 * Copying::               How you can copy and share Calc.
 * Getting Started::       General description and overview.
+* Interactive Tutorial::  Same as tutorial.
+@end ifinfo
 * Tutorial::              A step-by-step introduction for beginners.
 * Introduction::          Introduction to the Calc reference manual.
 @end enumerate
-@node Getting Started, Tutorial, Top, Top
+@node Getting Started, Tutorial, Copying, Top
 @chapter Getting Started
 Accent codes (@samp{@var{x} dot}) are handled by treating them as
 function calls (@samp{dot(@var{x})}) internally.  @xref{TeX Language
-Mode} for a table of these accent functions.  The @code{prime} accent
+Mode}, for a table of these accent functions.  The @code{prime} accent
 is treated specially if it occurs on a variable or function name:
 @samp{f prime prime @w{( x prime )}} is stored internally as
 @samp{f'@w{'}(x')}.  For example, taking the derivative of @samp{f(2 x)}