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Sync with normal package tree. ie Ben's recent changes.
I slightly modified the change to XEmacs.rules to reflect the new
directory structure.

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+2001-05-11  Ben Wing  <>
+	* Makefile:
+	Fix to compile in the absence of an installed package tree.
 2001-04-16  Felicia Neff  <>
 	* calc.texinfo: Fix up @direntry.
 all:: $(ELCS) auto-autoloads.elc $(PACKAGE).info calc.texinfo
-	$(XEMACS) -vanilla -batch -insert calc.texinfo -l texinfmt -f texinfo-format-buffer -f save-buffer
+	$(XEMACS) -vanilla -batch -insert calc.texinfo $(FORMAT_INFO_USING_XEMACS_ARGS)
 srckit: srckit-std