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;;; cal-french.el --- calendar functions for the French Revolutionary calendar

;; Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003,
;;   2004, 2005, 2006, 2007  Free Software Foundation, Inc.

;; Author: Edward M. Reingold <reingold@cs.uiuc.edu>
;; Maintainer: Glenn Morris <rgm@gnu.org>
;; Keywords: calendar
;; Human-Keywords: French Revolutionary calendar, calendar, diary

;; This file is part of XEmacs.

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;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

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;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
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;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

;;; Synched up with: FSF Emacs 22 CVS 2007-03-30
;;; Commentary:

;; This collection of functions implements the features of calendar.el and
;; diary.el that deal with the French Revolutionary calendar.

;; Technical details of the French Revolutionary calendar can be found in
;; ``Calendrical Calculations: The Millennium Edition'' by Edward M. Reingold
;; and Nachum Dershowitz, Cambridge University Press (2001), and in
;; ``Calendrical Calculations, Part II: Three Historical Calendars'' by
;; E. M. Reingold, N. Dershowitz, and S. M. Clamen, Software--Practice and
;; Experience, Volume 23, Number 4 (April, 1993), pages 383-404.

;; Comments, corrections, and improvements should be sent to
;;  Edward M. Reingold               Department of Computer Science
;;  (217) 333-6733                   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
;;  reingold@cs.uiuc.edu             1304 West Springfield Avenue
;;                                   Urbana, Illinois 61801

;;; Code:

(defvar date)

(require 'calendar)

(defun french-calendar-accents ()
  "True if diacritical marks are available."
  (and (or window-system
       (or (featurep 'xemacs)
           (and enable-multibyte-characters
                (and (char-table-p standard-display-table)
		     (equal (aref standard-display-table 161) [161])))))

(defconst french-calendar-epoch (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian '(9 22 1792))
  "Absolute date of start of French Revolutionary calendar = September 22, 1792.")

(defconst french-calendar-month-name-array
  ["Vende'miaire" "Brumaire" "Frimaire" "Nivo^se" "Pluvio^se" "Vento^se"
   "Germinal" "Flore'al" "Prairial" "Messidor" "Thermidor" "Fructidor"])

(defconst french-calendar-multibyte-month-name-array
  ["Vend�miaire" "Brumaire" "Frimaire" "Niv�se" "Pluvi�se" "Vent�se"
   "Germinal" "Flor�al" "Prairial" "Messidor" "Thermidor" "Fructidor"])

(defconst french-calendar-day-name-array
  ["Primidi" "Duodi" "Tridi" "Quartidi" "Quintidi" "Sextidi" "Septidi"
   "Octidi" "Nonidi" "Decadi"])

(defconst french-calendar-multibyte-special-days-array
  ["de la Vertu" "du G�nie" "du Travail" "de la Raison" "des R�compenses"
   "de la R�volution"])

(defconst french-calendar-special-days-array
  ["de la Vertu" "du Ge'nie" "du Travail" "de la Raison" "des Re'compenses"
   "de la Re'volution"])

(defun french-calendar-month-name-array ()
  (if (french-calendar-accents)

(defun french-calendar-day-name-array ()

(defun french-calendar-special-days-array ()
  (if (french-calendar-accents)

(defun french-calendar-leap-year-p (year)
  "True if YEAR is a leap year on the French Revolutionary calendar.
For Gregorian years 1793 to 1805, the years of actual operation of the
calendar, follows historical practice based on equinoxes (years 3, 7,
and 11 were leap years; 15 and 20 would have been leap years).  For later
years uses the proposed rule of Romme (never adopted)--leap years fall every
four years except century years not divisible 400 and century years that are
multiples of 4000."
  (or (memq year '(3 7 11));; Actual practice--based on equinoxes
      (memq year '(15 20)) ;; Anticipated practice--based on equinoxes
      (and (> year 20)     ;; Romme's proposal--never adopted
           (zerop (% year 4))
           (not (memq (% year 400) '(100 200 300)))
           (not (zerop (% year 4000))))))

(defun french-calendar-last-day-of-month (month year)
  "Return last day of MONTH, YEAR on the French Revolutionary calendar.
The 13th month is not really a month, but the 5 (6 in leap years) day period of
`sansculottides' at the end of the year."
  (if (< month 13)
    (if (french-calendar-leap-year-p year)

(defun calendar-absolute-from-french (date)
  "Compute absolute date from French Revolutionary date DATE.
The absolute date is the number of days elapsed since the (imaginary)
Gregorian date Sunday, December 31, 1 BC."
  (let ((month (extract-calendar-month date))
        (day (extract-calendar-day date))
        (year (extract-calendar-year date)))
    (+ (* 365 (1- year));; Days in prior years
       ;; Leap days in prior years
       (if (< year 20)
           (/ year 4);; Actual and anticipated practice (years 3, 7, 11, 15)
         ;; Romme's proposed rule (using the Principle of Inclusion/Exclusion)
         (+ (/ (1- year) 4);; Luckily, there were 4 leap years before year 20
            (- (/ (1- year) 100))
            (/ (1- year) 400)
            (- (/ (1- year) 4000))))
       (* 30 (1- month));; Days in prior months this year
       day;; Days so far this month
       (1- french-calendar-epoch))));; Days before start of calendar

(defun calendar-french-from-absolute (date)
  "Compute the French Revolutionary equivalent for absolute date DATE.
The result is a list of the form (MONTH DAY YEAR).
The absolute date is the number of days elapsed since the
\(imaginary) Gregorian date Sunday, December 31, 1 BC."
  (if (< date french-calendar-epoch)
      (list 0 0 0);; pre-French Revolutionary date
    (let* ((approx              ;; Approximation from below.
            (/ (- date french-calendar-epoch) 366))
           (year                ;; Search forward from the approximation.
            (+ approx
               (calendar-sum y approx
                 (>= date (calendar-absolute-from-french (list 1 1 (1+ y))))
           (month               ;; Search forward from Vendemiaire.
            (1+ (calendar-sum m 1
                  (> date
                      (list m
                            (french-calendar-last-day-of-month m year)
           (day                   ;; Calculate the day by subtraction.
            (- date
               (1- (calendar-absolute-from-french (list month 1 year))))))
    (list month day year))))

(defun calendar-french-date-string (&optional date)
  "String of French Revolutionary date of Gregorian DATE.
Returns the empty string if DATE is pre-French Revolutionary.
Defaults to today's date if DATE is not given."
  (let* ((french-date (calendar-french-from-absolute
                        (or date (calendar-current-date)))))
         (y (extract-calendar-year french-date))
         (m (extract-calendar-month french-date))
         (d (extract-calendar-day french-date)))
     ((< y 1) "")
     ((= m 13) (format (if (french-calendar-accents)
                           "Jour %s de l'Ann�e %d de la R�volution"
                         "Jour %s de l'Anne'e %d de la Re'volution")
                       (aref (french-calendar-special-days-array) (1- d))
     (t (format
         (if (french-calendar-accents)
             "%d %s an %d de la R�volution"
           "%d %s an %d de la Re'volution")
         (aref (french-calendar-month-name-array) (1- m))

(defun calendar-print-french-date ()
  "Show the French Revolutionary calendar equivalent of the selected date."
  (let ((f (calendar-french-date-string (calendar-cursor-to-date t))))
    (if (string-equal f "")
        (message "Date is pre-French Revolution")
      (message "French Revolutionary date: %s" f))))

(defun calendar-goto-french-date (date &optional noecho)
  "Move cursor to French Revolutionary date DATE.
Echo French Revolutionary date unless NOECHO is t."
   (let ((accents (french-calendar-accents))
	 (months (french-calendar-month-name-array))
	 (special-days (french-calendar-special-days-array)))
     (let* ((year
		(if accents
	            "Ann�e de la R�volution (>0): "
		   "Anne'e de la Re'volution (>0): ")
		'(lambda (x) (> x 0))
	     (mapcar 'list
		     (append months
			     (if (french-calendar-leap-year-p year)
				  '(lambda (x) (concat "Jour " x))
				(cdr;; we don't want rev. day in a non-leap yr.
				   '(lambda (x)
				      (concat "Jour " x))
	    (completion-ignore-case t)
            ;; XEmacs change, we don't have assoc-string
	    (month (cdr (cal-assoc-string
                          "Mois ou Sansculottide: "
                          nil t)
			 (calendar-make-alist month-list 1 'car) t)))
	    (day (if (> month 12)
		     (- month 12)
		    "Jour (1-30): "
		    '(lambda (x) (and (<= 1 x) (<= x 30))))))
	    (month (if (> month 12) 13 month)))
       (list (list month day year)))))
  (calendar-goto-date (calendar-gregorian-from-absolute
                       (calendar-absolute-from-french date)))
  (or noecho (calendar-print-french-date)))

(defun diary-french-date ()
  "French calendar equivalent of date diary entry."
  (let ((f (calendar-french-date-string date)))
    (if (string-equal f "")
        "Date is pre-French Revolution"
      (format "French Revolutionary date: %s" f))))

(provide 'cal-french)

;;; arch-tag: 7e8045a3-8609-46b5-9cde-cf40ce541cf9
;;; cal-french.el ends here