Alan Mackenzie committed b094858

Make Java try-with-resources statement parse properly.
cc-langs.el (c-block-stmt-1-2-kwds, c-block-stmt-1-2-key): New language
cc-engine.el (c-beginning-of-statement-1, c-after-conditional): Adapt to
deal with c-block-stmt-1-2-key.
cc-fonts.el (c-font-lock-declarations): Adapt to deal with

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File cc-engine.el

 		   (not (memq sym '(boundary ignore nil))))
 	  ;; Need to investigate closer whether we've crossed
 	  ;; between a substatement and its containing statement.
-	  (if (setq saved (if (looking-at c-block-stmt-1-key)
-			      ptok
-			    pptok))
+	  (if (setq saved
+		    (cond ((and (looking-at c-block-stmt-1-2-key)
+				(eq (char-after ptok) ?\())
+			   pptok)
+			  ((looking-at c-block-stmt-1-key)
+			   ptok)
+			  (t pptok)))
 	      (cond ((> start saved) (setq pos saved))
 		    ((= start saved) (setq ret 'up)))))
 	 (or (looking-at c-block-stmt-1-key)
 	     (and (eq (char-after) ?\()
 		  (zerop (c-backward-token-2 1 t lim))
-		  (looking-at c-block-stmt-2-key)))
+		  (or (looking-at c-block-stmt-2-key)
+		      (looking-at c-block-stmt-1-2-key))))
 (defun c-after-special-operator-id (&optional lim)
 			    (goto-char match-pos)
-			    (looking-at c-block-stmt-2-key)))
+			    (or (looking-at c-block-stmt-2-key)
+				(looking-at c-block-stmt-1-2-key))))
 		     (setq context nil
 			   c-restricted-<>-arglists t))
 		    ;; Near BOB.
   t (c-make-keywords-re t (c-lang-const c-block-stmt-1-kwds)))
 (c-lang-defvar c-block-stmt-1-key (c-lang-const c-block-stmt-1-key))
+(c-lang-defconst c-block-stmt-1-2-kwds
+  "Statement keywords optionally followed by a paren sexp.
+Keywords here should also be in `c-block-stmt-1-kwds'."
+  t nil
+  java '("try"))
+(c-lang-defconst c-block-stmt-1-2-key
+  ;; Regexp matching the start of a statement which may be followed by a
+  ;; paren sexp and will then be followed by a substatement.
+  t (c-make-keywords-re t (c-lang-const c-block-stmt-1-2-kwds)))
+(c-lang-defvar c-block-stmt-1-2-key (c-lang-const c-block-stmt-1-2-key))
 (c-lang-defconst c-block-stmt-2-kwds
   "Statement keywords followed by a paren sexp and then by a substatement."
   t    '("for" "if" "switch" "while")