Alan Mackenzie  committed c08db35

Correct two search limits in c-before-change-check_<>-operators.
cc-engine.el (c-before-change-check-<>-operators): Make the correction.

cc-mode.texi (c-offsets-alist): Correct a typo.

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File cc-engine.el

 	  new-beg new-end need-new-beg need-new-end)
       ;; Locate the barrier before the changed region
       (goto-char  (if beg-lit-limits (car beg-lit-limits) beg))
-      (c-syntactic-skip-backward "^;{}" (max (- beg 2048) (point-min)))
+      (c-syntactic-skip-backward "^;{}" (c-determine-limit 512))
       (setq new-beg (point))
       ;; Remove the syntax-table/category properties from each pertinent <...>
       ;; Locate the barrier after END.
       (goto-char (if end-lit-limits (cdr end-lit-limits) end))
-      (c-syntactic-re-search-forward "[;{}]"
-				     (min (+ end 2048) (point-max)) 'end)
+      (c-syntactic-re-search-forward "[;{}]" (c-determine-+ve-limit 512) 'end)
       (setq new-end (point))
       ;; Remove syntax-table properties from the remaining pertinent <...>

File cc-mode.texi

 @comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This section explains the structure and semantics of the style
-variable @code{c-offset-alist}, the principal variable for configuring
+variable @code{c-offsets-alist}, the principal variable for configuring
 indentation.  Details of how to set it up, and its relationship to
 @ccmode{}'s style system are given in @ref{Style Variables}.