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 Release Announcement
-CC Mode Version 5.27
+CC Mode Version 5.28
 Martin Stjernholm
 GNU Emacs mode for editing C (ANSI and K&R), C++, Objective-C, Java,
 CORBA's IDL, and Pike code.
-Note that the CC Mode web home has moved from python.org to
-sourceforge.net.  Some URL:s and mail addresses have changed due to
-that; see below.
 A list of user visible changes is detailed in the NEWS file and in the
 URL listed below.  More information, including links to download the
 source, are available on the CC Mode web page:
 For a list of changes please see
-    <http://cc-mode.sourceforge.net/changes-527.php>
+    <http://cc-mode.sourceforge.net/changes-528.php>