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    priority medium
    category CATEGORY
    dump nil
-   description "C, C++ and Java language support."
+   description "C, C++, Objective-C, Java, CORBA IDL, Pike and AWK language support."
    filename FILENAME
    md5sum MD5SUM
    size SIZE
-   provides (cc-bytecomp cc-align cc-cmds cc-compat cc-defs cc-engine cc-guess cc-langs cc-lobotomy cc-menus cc-mode-19 cc-mode cc-styles cc-vars)
+   provides (cc-align cc-awk cc-bytecomp cc-cmds cc-compat cc-defs cc-engine cc-fix cc-fonts cc-guess cc-langs cc-lobotomy cc-menus cc-mode cc-styles cc-vars)
    requires (REQUIRES)
    type regular