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+1999-09-03  Justin Vallon  <>
+	* gud.el: Allow a lambda (ie: functionp) in gud-overload-functions.
 1999-05-12  Sam Mikes  <>
 	* gud.el: (gud-format-command) use `int-to-string' in concat         
 This association list has elements of the form
-   (function (lambda (p) (fset (car p) (symbol-function (cdr p)))))
-   gud-overload-alist))
+   (function (lambda (p) (fset (car p) (cond ((functionp (cdr p))
+					      (cdr p))
+					     (t
+					      (symbol-function (cdr p)))))))
+      gud-overload-alist))
 (defun gud-massage-args (file args)
   (error "GUD not properly entered."))