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dictionary / ChangeLog

2002-01-29  Torsten Hilbrich <dictionary@myrkr.in-berlin.de>
	* dictionary.el (dictionary-default-popup-strategy): added this
	  variable and changed dictionary-popup-matching-words to use
	  this as matching strategy (suggested by Renaud Pons)
2001-12-21  Torsten Hilbrich <dictionary@myrkr.in-berlin.de>

	* link.el (link-initialize-keymap): fixed keybinding bug (reported
	  by David A. Panariti)
2001-12-15  Torsten Hilbrich <dictionary@myrkr.in-berlin.de>

	* Fixed bug for non-mule Emacsen (dictionary-coding-system
	  was incorrectly written)

2001-12-09  Torsten Hilbrich <dictionary@myrkr.in-berlin.de>

	* Added HTTP-proxy support (using the HTTP CONNECT)
	* Added support for dictionaries with encodings other
	  than utf-8

2001-09-08  Steve Youngs  <youngs@xemacs.org>

	* Initial XEmacs Package version.