dired / dired-oas.el

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 ;; File:          dired-oas.el
-;; Dired Version: #Revision: 7.10 $
+;; Dired Version: #Revision: 7.11 $
 ;; RCS:
 ;; Description:   dired odds and sods. Dired functions not usually needed.
 ;;                This file is not a reference to the Organization of
 ;;; Don't require or provide anything, as this file is just an archive.
-;;; jwj -- On the other hand, dired-parse-ls is a macro, so we had better
-;;; load its definition when compiling
-(eval-when-compile (require 'dired-sex))
 (defun dired-sort-on-size ()
   "Sorts a dired listing on file size.
 If your ls cannot sort on size, this is useful as `dired-after-readin-hook':
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