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This version of Dired was modified for integration with XEmacs by
Mike Sperber <sperber@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de>.
He is the current maintainer of this version of Dired.

A Few Things That You Should Know About Dired:

Dired requires customize for customization. Just do an

M-x customize RET dired RET

to find out about user-configurable options of Dired.

Of course, you invoke Dired by doing

M-x dired RET

Note that Dired used to be part of the EFS package and is still being
maintained via the same mailing lists.

The file LISTS contains a description of mailing lists relevant to
We encourage users to join these lists.

Dired/EFS and archie.el:

To use archie.el (by Jack Repenning) with Dired/EFS, you need at least
archie.el V3.0.1.  Problems using Dired/EFS with archie may be posted
to the EFS mailing lists.
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