docbookide / dot_emacs

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;; $Id$

;; DocBook IDE mode
(autoload 'docbook-mode "docbookide" "Major mode for DocBook documents." t)

;; Turn on font lock when in DocBook mode
(add-hook 'docbook-mode-hook

;; You might want to make this the default for .sgml or .xml documents,
;; or you might want to rely on -*- DocBook -*- on the first line,
;; or perhaps buffer variables. It's up to you...
;;(setq auto-mode-alist
;;      (append
;;       (list
;;	'("\\.sgm" . docbook-mode))
;;	'("\\.sgml" . docbook-mode))
;;	'("\\.xml" . docbook-mode))
;;       auto-mode-alist))