easypg / NEWS

* Major changes in 0.0.16

** This will be the final version released under GPL2+.  Subsequent
   versions will be released under GPL3+.

** epa-mail-encrypt now skips unusable keys.

** epa-file now uses canonical file names as keys for passphrase cache.

* Major changes in 0.0.15

** Fixed a load-error of epa on XEmacs.

** epa-file bug fixes.

*** Prepare auto-mode-alist to strip .gpg suffix when choosing major-modes.

*** Don't signal an error when opening a nonexistent file via Tramp.

*** epa-verify-region now decodes the plaintext with
    coding-system-for-read or one saved as epa-coding-system-used.

* Major changes in 0.0.14

** epa-file can handle remote files over Tramp.

** Workaround for a face initialization bug of GNU Emacs.

** Follow the face naming convention of GNU Emacs.

* Major changes in 0.0.13

** epa-file bug fixes.

*** Fixed a compatibility bug on XEmacs 21.5.

*** Do not mark the buffer as modified.

* Major changes in 0.0.12

** epa-file.el usability improvements.

*** Ask recipients only the first time.

*** Respect epa-armor and epa-textmode.

*** Customizing epa-file-name-regexp now works.

*** Backup files for "*.gpg" are also encrypted.

* Major changes in 0.0.11

** Include the EasyPG Assistant user's manual

** Decode user-id's encoded in UTF-8 with "%" or "\" escape

** If a user attempt to encrypt data to an untrusted recipient, EasyPG
   prompt the key-id (it requires GnuPG version 2.0.2 or later)

** epa-file.el turns off auto-saving by default

* Major changes in 0.0.10

** Support GnuPG versions older than 1.4.3

** Provide a minor-mode to encrypt/sign mails

* Major changes in 0.0.9

** epa.el usablity improvements.

*** M-x epa-encrypt-region specifies --armor & --textmode by default

*** M-x epa-sign-region and M-x epa-sign-file create a cleartext signature by

*** Region based commands now determine the coding-system used to
    encode the plain text

*** Fingerprints are pretty-printed

*** New user option epa-protocol to use the S/MIME.

** Support XEmacs compiled with --with-mule=no --with-file-coding=no.

* Major changes in 0.0.8

** epa-file.el can now specify recipient keys from the file local
   variable `epa-file-encrypt-to'.

** Always encode passphrase with eol-type LF.

** Allow empty user IDs.

** Support handling notations on the signature.

* Major changes in 0.0.7

** Fixed a clearsign verification bug.

* Major changes in 0.0.6

** Parse "group" configuration parameters of GnuPG.

** epg-verify-file and epg-verify-string now return the plaintext
   after successful verification.

** Obey the decoding coding-system determined by

** Improved progress display.

** Allow file names starting with "-".

* Major changes in 0.0.5

** New user option epg-gpg-home-directory.

** New function epg-check-configuration which checks if there is a
   suitable GnuPG executable installed.

** pgg-epg.el: Provide pgg-lookup-key for backward compatibility.

** Allow non-ASCII characters in a passphrase.
   The coding system to use can be controlled by
   epg-locale-coding-system whose default value is taken from

* Major changes in 0.0.4

** Check GnuPG's version on ./configure.

** epg-start-encrypt now assumes that signers are epg-key object.

** epg--status-ERRSIG now leaves the last verify-result.

** pgg-epg.el: Fixed a bug in pgg-epg-encrypt-region.

** pgg-epg.el: Reflect pgg-default-user-id when signing.

* Major changes in 0.0.3

** epa-file.el now supports partial read.

** epa-file handler functions now obey coding-system-for-{read,write}.
   [cf. <emacs-mime-ja:02041>]

** Don't move point after insert-file-contents if epa-file is enabled.

* Major changes in 0.0.2

** Convert "seconds from epoch" to a date string.

** Confirm passphrase when performing symmetric encryption.

** New commands which affect on the current region are implemented.
   epa-decrypt-region, epa-verify-region, epa-decrypt-armor-in-region,
   epa-verify-armor-in-region, epa-sign-region, epa-encrypt-region

** Fixed ERRSIG status handling.  "no public key" error was not
   reported as a verify result.

** Fixed cleaning up pgg-*-buffer (pgg-epg.el).

** Don't convert line endings of the gpg output.  This may fix a bug
   when encrypting in textmode and the output is binary.
   [cf. <emacs-mime-ja:02028>]
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mode: text
mode: outline
paragraph-separate: "[  ]*$"