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+* Changes for ECB version 2.11
+** Using semanticdb to jump to type-tags defined in other files.
+   In OO-languages like CLOS, eieio and C++ there can be type-tags in the
+   method-buffer which are somehow virtual because there is no definition in
+   the current source-file. But such a virtual type collects all its outside
+   defined members like methods in C++ which are defined in the *.cc file
+   whereas the class-definition is defined in the associated header-file.
+   ECB uses semanticb to open the definition-file of such a tag and to jump to
+   the definition of this tag. Same for parent-tags in the methods-buffer.
+   This feature can only work correctly if semanticdb is well configured!
+** New option `ecb-ignore-special-display'
+   The options `special-display-buffer-names', `special-display-regexps' and
+   `special-display-function' work as expected. Per default this in only true,
+   when no durable compile-window is used (see option
+   `ecb-compile-window-height'), i.e. with a durable compile window the
+   special-display-options are ignored per default. But this behavior can be
+   changed with the new option `ecb-ignore-special-display'.
+   Thanks to Rob Walker <> for a first suggestion.
+** Better reporting if there are errors during ECB-startup
+** Fixed bugs
+*** Clicking onto nodes with positionless semantic-tags as data doesn't fail
+*** Non-semantic sources (e.g. Perl, TeX) work when cedet 1.0 is loaded
+*** Fixed the versioning of ECB so the autom. upgrade works
+* Changes for ECB version 2.01
+** Prepared for the new semantic 2.0 beta (contained in the cedet 1 beta)
+*** New naming convention
+    Forthcoming semantic 2.0 (part of the new cedet-library) introduces a new
+    naming convention. Here is the relevant part of the semantic 2.0
+    NEWS-file:
+    token     - Refers to a lexical analyzer production.
+    stream    - A list of tokens
+    tag       - Refers to a datastructure created by a grammar to represent
+                something in a language file
+    table     - A hierarchical list of tags.
+    tag-class - A tag may represent a function, data type, or variable.
+    parse     - Run a source file through a parser.
+    Normally there is no need for ECB users to bother with all details of
+    semantic naming conventions but for the sake of consisteny between
+    semantic and ECB the ECB-package has renamed all its variables and
+    functions from "token" to "tag". Therefore also all options which contain
+    "token" in their name have been renamed by replacing "token" with "tag".
+    See RELEASE_NOTES for a list of this options.
+    ECB autom. upgrades all old-values of these options to the new options!
+    There is nothing to do for you.
+*** ECB works with new semantic 2.0 which is shipped within cedet 1.0
+** Overhaul of the display-layer and -handling of the tree-buffers
+*** Now there are 3 different styles available
+    * Image: Looks very nice and modern - just give it a try or see the
+      screenshots-section at
+    * Ascii with guide-lines: Drawing the trees with ascii-symbols
+    * Ascii without guide-lines: This is the style of ECB <= 1.96
+    For details and a visualization of these different styles see the new
+    option `ecb-tree-buffer-style' (replaces the old option
+    `ecb-tree-use-image-icons').
+    Especially the new image-style was inspired by the library tree-widget.el
+    written by David Ponce <>. Also some images shipped with
+    ECB are "stolen" from this library.
+*** No-leaf-tree-nodes with currently no subnodes are displayed with [x]
+    An example are directories in the Directories tree-buffer which have
+    currently no subdirectories. Leafs like source-files or methods are of
+    course handled as leafs and not as currently empty nodes.
+*** Fixed some inconsistencies in expanding, collapsing and selecting nodes
+*** Moving all options related to the tree-buffer-style or -handling to the new
+    customize-group "ecb-tree-buffer".
+** Completely rewritten popup-menu mechanism.
+*** Now sub-menus are allowed for all popups
+    To give a better lucidity of the popup-menus of the tree-buffers these
+    menus can now being arranged in sub-menus. The default values now already
+    use sub-menus. So if you have added menu-entries to one of the options
+    `ecb-directories-menu-user-extension', `ecb-sources-menu-user-extension',
+    `ecb-methods-menu-user-extension' or `ecb-history-menu-user-extension' ECB
+    resets these options to the new defaults of ECB and adds at the top your
+    "old" personal entries. This comes because the type of these options has
+    changed. Thanks for general suggestion to Ole Arndt <>.
+*** Added new defaults to `ecb-directories-menu-user-extension'
+    Three new entries "CVS status", "CVS examine" and "CVS update" in a new
+    sub-menu "Version control" for running CVS-commands against the directory.
+    These menu-entries are added as new default values to
+    `ecb-directories-menu-user-extension' so a user can delete or change them
+    if he does not use CVS but another revision-tool (e.g. Clearcase). Thanks
+    for suggestion and first implementation to Ole Arndt <>.
+*** Added new defaults to `ecb-sources-menu-user-extension'
+    One new sub-menu "Version control" with some senseful commands. See also
+    new default for the option `ecb-directories-menu-user-extension'. Same is
+    added to the `ecb-history-menu-user-extension'. Thanks for suggestion and
+    first implementation to Ole Arndt <>.
+** Possibility to define which types should be expanded at file-open-time
+   Semantic groups types into different type-specifiers. Current available
+   type-specifiers are for example "class", "interface", "struct", "typedef",
+   "union" and "enum". With the new option `ecb-type-tag-expansion' you can
+   specify on a major-mode-basis which type-specifiers should be expanded at
+   file-open-time and which not. So for example in C++ it could be senseful
+   not to expand the types with a type-specifiers "typedef", "struct" or
+   "enum" (see the default-value of this option).
+** Adding a filter-feature to the Sources- and the History-buffer
+   Now a filter can be applied to the Sources- and/or History-buffer which
+   desides which entries are displayed in these buffers. See the new commands
+   `ecb-sources-filter' (bound to [C-c . fs]) and `ecb-history-filter' (bound
+   to [C-c . fh]) and the new entries for the popup-menus for these buffers.
+   In the sources-buffer each directory has its own filter. The currently
+   applied filter is displayed in the modeline of that tree-buffer with the
+   new face `ecb-mode-line-prefix-face' (s.b.)
+** Changes related to the modelines of the tree-buffers
+*** Added faces to the mode-lines of the ECB-tree-buffers.
+    See the three new options `ecb-mode-line-win-nr-face',
+    `ecb-mode-line-prefix-face' and `ecb-mode-line-data-face' and also they
+    related (and equally named) new faces.
+*** Moved all options related to the modelines in the new customize-group
+    "ecb-mode-line".
+** No window-restrictions if the ECB-windows are hidden
+   If the special ECB-windows are hidden (e.g. by `ecb-toggle-ecb-windows')
+   then there are no restrictions about the window-layout of the ecb-frame:
+   The frame can be splitted in any arbitrary windows. All adviced functions
+   behave as their originals. So the frame can be used as if ECB would not be
+   active but ECB IS still active in the "background" and all ECB-commands and
+   all ECB-keybindings can be used. Of course some of them doesn't make much
+   sense but nevertheless they can be called.
+   Therefore it should be enough to hide the ECB-windows to run other
+   Emacs-applications which have their own window-layout-managing. There
+   should be no conflicts. But nevertheless the most recommended method for
+   running ECB and other applications (e.g. xrefactory, Gnus etc.) in the same
+   frame is to use a window-manager like winring.el or escreen.el!
+** Ediff runs per default in the ECB-frame.
+   Now ediff can run per default in the ECB-frame because ECB ensures that all
+   special ECB-windows are hidden before ediff sets up its own window-layout.
+   ECB also restores exactly the "before-ediff" window-layout of the ecb-frame
+   See new option `ecb-run-ediff-in-ecb-frame'.
+** More flexible directory-caching with new `ecb-cache-directory-contents-not'
+** New option `ecb-advice-window-functions-signal-error'
+   Now the adviced window functions of `ecb-advice-window-functions' do not
+   signal per default an error if called in situations which are not allowed -
+   they simple do nothing. An example is calling `delete-window' in a special
+   ecb-window or in the compile-window; if this new option is nil then nothing
+   is done otherwise an error is signaled. If you want the old behavior of
+   signaling an error just set this new option to not nil.
+** Fixed Bugs
+*** When the special ECB-windows were hidden and a durable compile-window was set
+    then ECB shows the special ECB-windows when a temp-buffer (e.g.
+    *Help*-buffers) has been displayed. This annoying behavior is fixed.
+*** XEmacs has not added the ECB-menu to the menubar of that buffers which are
+    already alive while activating ECB. On the other side XEmacs has not
+    removed the ECB-menu from the menubar for all living buffers after
+    deactivating ECB. Both of these two bugs are fixed now.
+*** JDEE-dialogs now work correctly.
+    JDEE offers sometimes "dialogs" where the user can choose among several
+    options. These "dialogs" now work correctly regardless if a durable
+    compile-window is used or not.
+*** A bug in displaying the tree-buffers in a different font or font-height
 * Changes for ECB version 1.96
 ** ECB can work together with the window-managers escreen and winring