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File ecb-winman-support.el

             (ecb-enable-advices ecb-winman-escreen-adviced-functions)
             (add-hook 'escreen-goto-screen-hook
-            (message "ECB %s: support for escreen enabled." ecb-version))
+            (ecb-info-message "Support for escreen enabled."))
          (ecb-error "The escreen-support can not be properly installed!")))
             (require 'winring)
             (ecb-enable-advices ecb-winman-winring-adviced-functions)
-            (message "ECB %s: support for winring enabled." ecb-version))
+            (ecb-info-message "Support for winring enabled."))
          (ecb-error "The winring-support can not be properly installed!")))
 ECB if we set the name `ecb-winman-winring-name'."
   ;; Because this is an after advice of winring-name-of-current returns here
   ;; already the new name!
-  (when (string= (winring-name-of-current) ecb-winman-winring-name)
+  (when (ecb-string= (winring-name-of-current) ecb-winman-winring-name)
     ;; we do this only the first time
     (when (null ecb-winman-winring-ecb-frame)
       (setq ecb-winman-winring-ecb-frame
 (defadvice winring-duplicate-configuration (before ecb)
   "Prevent the ECB-window-configuration from being duplicated."
-  (if (string= (winring-name-of-current) ecb-winman-winring-name)
+  (if (ecb-string= (winring-name-of-current) ecb-winman-winring-name)
       (ecb-error "The ECB-window-configuration can not be duplicated!")))
 (defadvice winring-restore-configuration (before ecb)
   "Deactivates ECB if the ECB-window-configuration is active."
-  (if (and (string= (winring-name-of-current) ecb-winman-winring-name)
+  (if (and (ecb-string= (winring-name-of-current) ecb-winman-winring-name)
            (boundp 'ecb-minor-mode)
       (let ((ecb-split-edit-window-after-start 'before-deactivation))