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This file contains some important release-notes for ECB version 1.95.1


Please read also the sections "Known conflicts and bugs" and "Tips and Tricks"
in the online help ('ecb-show-help'). The former one is a small list of known
conflicts and for each conflict a proper and easy solution! Please read also
carefully the upgrade informations below!

Installing ECB first time:

No special notes beyond the contents of README.

Upgrading from any version:

If there are byte-compiled(!) user-defined layouts - either created
interactively by `ecb-create-new-layout' or programmed with the macro
`ecb-layout-define' - then the file where these user-defined layouts are saved
(see option `ecb-create-layout-file') must be re-byte-compiled with latest ECB
version >= 1.95.1! If the user-defined layouts are not byte-compiled then
there is nothing to do.

Some default keybindings have changed; the new bindings are:

  C-c . g1: `ecb-goto-window-edit1'       (was C-c . 1)
  C-c . g2: `ecb-goto-window-edit2'       (was C-c . 2)
  C-c . gd: `ecb-goto-window-directories' (was C-c . d)
  C-c . gs: `ecb-goto-window-sources'     (was C-c . s)
  C-c . gm: `ecb-goto-window-methods'     (was C-c . m)
  C-c . gh: `ecb-goto-window-history'     (was C-c . h)
  C-c . gb: `ecb-goto-window-speedbar'    (was C-c . bw)
  C-c . gc: `ecb-goto-window-compilation' (was C-c . c)

Upgrading from version < 1.95:

Some default keybindings have changed; the new bindings are:

  C-c . r:  `ecb-rebuild-methods-buffer' (was not bound before)
  C-c . lc: `ecb-change-layout'          (was C-c . l)
  C-c . lr: `ecb-redraw-layout'          (was C-c . r)
  C-c . lt: `ecb-toggle-layout'          (was C-c . t)
  C-c . lw: `ecb-toggle-ecb-windows'     (was C-c . w)

ECB now requires speedbar. ECB needs a version >= 0.14beta1.

For XEmacs now the package c-support (contains hideshow.el) has to be

Upgrading from versions < 1.92:

The type of the option `ecb-truncate-lines' has changed.
ECB autom. upgrades the old value of this option to its new type!

Upgrading from version 1.80:

The type or name of the following options has changed:

- ecb-layout-nr: New name is ecb-layout-name
- ecb-toggle-layout-sequence: New type
- ecb-major-modes-activate: New type
- ecb-layout-window-sizes: New type
- ecb-show-sources-in-directories-buffer: New type
- ecb-cache-directory-contents: New type
- ecb-source-file-regexps: New type
- ecb-show-ecb-windows-hook: New name is ecb-show-ecb-windows-before-hook
- ecb-hide-ecb-windows-hook: New name is ecb-hide-ecb-windows-before-hook

ECB autom. upgrades the values of these options to theirs new names/types!

Upgrading from version < 1.80:

The type of the following options has changed:

- 'ecb-token-display-function'
- 'ecb-window-sync'

ECB has a new feature 'ecb-auto-compatibility-check' which enables a check for
incompatible or renamed ECB-options at ECB startup. These options are then
autom. upgraded to the new type or reset to the default-values of current
ECB-version if no upgrade is possible. All upgraded or reset options are
displayed to the user with their old and new values!

ECB now requires Semantic version 1.4 and eieio version 0.17! Any previous
beta version is not supported anymore!

Upgrading from any version < 1.60:

- The options `ecb-show-node-name-in-minibuffer',
  `ecb-show-complete-file-name-in-minibuffer' and
  `ecb-show-file-info-in-minibuffer' are gone and have been replaced by one
  single new option `ecb-show-node-info-in-minibuffer' where you can define
  separately for every tree-buffer when and which node info should be
  displayed in the minibuffer

Upgrading from versions < 1.52:

+ ECB now requires eieio >= 0.16 (see also README)

+ The option ecb-prefix-key has been removed. Now all customization of
  keybindings is done via the new option ecb-key-map.

+ ecb-layout-window-sizes is now an association list. If you have customized
  this variable or used the ecb-store-window-sizes function, there will be an
  error when drawing the ECB layout. Reset ecb-layout-window-sizes to it's
  default value (nil) and store your window sizes using ecb-store-window-sizes.

+ A new customization variable ecb-show-tokens controls the behaviour of the
  methods buffer. Read the documentation for more information.

Upgrading from versions < 1.20:

+ Now mouse-1 and mouse-2 for opening source-files and jumping to
  methods/variables is not longer the default keybinding. Please take a look
  at the new options 'ecb-primary-secondary-mouse-buttons' and

+ Now it is no longer necessary to bind in the ECB-hooks (ecb-activate-hook
  and ecb-deactivate-hook) some standard-Emacs-keys for window-handling to the
  ECB replacements for the related standard-functions to get proper
  window-handling within the edit-window(s) of ECB.

  Example: With ECB < 1.20 it was necessary to bind [C-x o] to
  'ecb-other-window' in 'ecb-activate-hook' (and also "unbinding" it back to
  the standard other-window in the 'ecb-deactivate-hook') to get a more
  ECB-suitable other-window behavior. Same for other window-keys.

  This way will work also in ECB 1.20 but it is NOT the recommended way
  because the new option 'ecb-advice-window-functions' makes this much easier
  and better. Please read the documentation of this option exactly!

+ Default-value of `ecb-other-window-jump-behavior' is now 'all.

+ Interactively calling 'ecb-update-methods-buffer' is not longer necessary as
  work-around for the bug, that sometimes the error "Wrong type argument,
  integer-or-marker-p nil" is displayed after clicking onto a method/variable
  in the ECB-method-buffer. This bug is fixed!

+ For a complete list of changes and new features for versions > 1.20 see the
  HISTORY file.