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ede / ede-loaddefs.el

;;; ede-loaddefs.el --- Auto-generated CEDET autoloads
;;; Code:

;;;### (autoloads (ede-target-parent ede-parent-project ede-load-project-file
;;;;;;  ede-documentation-files ede-description ede-name project-make-dist
;;;;;;  project-compile-target project-compile-project project-edit-file-target
;;;;;;  ede-compile-target ede-remove-file ede-project ede-target
;;;;;;  ede-project-autoload) "ede" "ede.el" (18022 1918))
;;; Generated autoloads from ede.el

(autoload (quote ede-project-autoload) "ede" "\
Class representing minimal knowledge set to run preliminary EDE functions.
When more advanced functionality is needed from a project type, that projects
type is required and the load function used." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-target) "ede" "\
A top level target to build." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-project) "ede" "\
Top level EDE project specification.
All specific project types must derive from this project." nil nil)

(defvar ede-projects nil "\
A list of all active projects currently loaded in Emacs.")

(defvar ede-minor-mode nil "\
Non-nil in EDE controlled buffers.")

(autoload (quote ede-remove-file) "ede" "\
Remove the current file from targets.
Optional argument FORCE forces the file to be removed without asking." t nil)

(autoload (quote ede-compile-target) "ede" "\
Compile the current buffer's associated target." t nil)

(autoload (quote project-edit-file-target) "ede" "\
Edit the target OT associated w/ this file." nil nil)

(autoload (quote project-compile-project) "ede" "\
Compile the entire current project OBJ.
Argument COMMAND is the command to use when compiling." nil nil)

(autoload (quote project-compile-target) "ede" "\
Compile the current target OBJ.
Argument COMMAND is the command to use for compiling the target." nil nil)

(autoload (quote project-make-dist) "ede" "\
Build a distribution for the project based on THIS project." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-name) "ede" "\
Return the name of THIS targt." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-description) "ede" "\
Return a description suitible for the minibuffer about THIS." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-documentation-files) "ede" "\
Return the documentation files for the current buffer.
Not all buffers need documentations, so return nil if no applicable.
Some projects may have multiple documentation files, so return a list." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-load-project-file) "ede" "\
Project file independent way to read in FILE." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-parent-project) "ede" "\
Return the project belonging to the parent directory.
nil if there is no previous directory.
Optional argument OBJ is an object to find the parent of." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-target-parent) "ede" "\
Return the project which is the parent of TARGET.
It is recommended you track the project a different way as this function
could become slow in time." nil nil)

;;;### (autoloads (ede-pmake-varname) "ede-pmake" "ede-pmake.el"
;;;;;;  (17881 43568))
;;; Generated autoloads from ede-pmake.el

(autoload (quote ede-pmake-varname) "ede-pmake" "\
Convert OBJ into a variable name name, which converts .  to _." nil nil)

;;;### (autoloads nil "ede-proj" "ede-proj.el" (17881 43589))
;;; Generated autoloads from ede-proj.el

(add-to-list (quote auto-mode-alist) (quote ("Project\\.ede" . emacs-lisp-mode)))

;;;### (autoloads (ede-simple-project ede-simple-load ede-simple-projectfile-for-dir)
;;;;;;  "ede-simple" "ede-simple.el" (18019 24814))
;;; Generated autoloads from ede-simple.el

(add-to-list (quote ede-project-class-files) (ede-project-autoload "simple-overlay" :name "Simple" :file (quote ede-simple) :proj-file (quote ede-simple-projectfile-for-dir) :load-type (quote ede-simple-load) :class-sym (quote ede-simple-project)) t)

(autoload (quote ede-simple-projectfile-for-dir) "ede-simple" "\
Return a full file name to the project file stored in the current directory.
The directory has three parts:
  <STORAGE ROOT>/<PROJ DIR AS FILE>/ProjSimple.ede" nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-simple-load) "ede-simple" "\
Load a project of type `Simple' for the directory DIR.
Return nil if there isn't one." nil nil)

(autoload (quote ede-simple-project) "ede-simple" "\
EDE Simple project class.
Each directory needs a a project file to control it." nil nil)

;;;### (autoloads (ede-update-version) "ede-util" "ede-util.el" (17213
;;;;;;  40281))
;;; Generated autoloads from ede-util.el

(autoload (quote ede-update-version) "ede-util" "\
Update the current projects main version number.
Argument NEWVERSION is the version number to use in the current project." t nil)

;; Local Variables:
;; version-control: never
;; no-byte-compile: t
;; no-update-autoloads: t
;; End:
;;; ede-loaddefs.el ends here