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Fixing my previous commit: tune ChangeLog and remove "different for CL" comments that do not apply in XEmacs.

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 2002-07-17  Ville Skyttä  <>
 	* cl-specs.el: Partial synch with GNU Emacs 21.2.
-	(def-edebug-spec): Handle #' function quoting.
+	(def-edebug-spec function-form): Handle #' function quoting.
 	Thanks to John Paul Wallington for pointing this out.
 2001-07-16  Charles G Waldman	<>
 (def-edebug-spec incf (place &optional form))
 (def-edebug-spec decf incf)
-(def-edebug-spec push (form place))	; different for CL
+(def-edebug-spec push (form place))
 (def-edebug-spec pushnew 
   (form place &rest 
 	&or [[&or ":test" ":test-not" ":key"] function-form]
 	[keywordp form]))
-(def-edebug-spec pop (place))		; different for CL
+(def-edebug-spec pop (place))
 (def-edebug-spec shiftf (&rest place))  ;; really [&rest place] form
 (def-edebug-spec rotatef (&rest place))