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@section Revision History

Here is a summary of changes to edebug recorded in the RCS log, in
reverse chronological order.

Revision 2.9  1993/02/04  22:40:58  liberte
Fix handling of 0 and t edebug-form-specs.

Remove loop for consecutive special specs to simplify code.

Fix [&optional specs] again.

Bug: [&rest specs] still broken.

Bug: nested definitions may have problems still - let me know.

New variable edebug-debugger holds name of debugger for errors or quit.

Unrestore edebug-buffer's window-point after edebug display.
Needed in addition to setting the buffer point
because otherwise quitting doesnt leave point as is.
But doing it causes point not to be restored other times.
Let me know if there are problems.

Fix zmacs-regions typo for lemacs.

Revision 2.8  1993/01/13  18:34:19  liberte
Support edebugging top-level forms and generalize handling
of defining forms.

Rename edebug-defun to edebug-eval-top-level-form.
edebug-defun still points to the latter.

Rename edebug-all-defuns to edebug-all-defs.

Add edebug-all-forms option and command.

Add edebug-continue-kbd-macro option.

Stop defining epoch::version.

Rename def-edebug-form-spec to def-edebug-spec.  Arguments are unevaluated.

edebug-form-spec supports indirection.  List specs may now
contain body, &define, name, arglist, def-body, def-form, and strings.

While parsing, commit to alternative after matching a symbol.

Fix nested &optional handling.

Improve syntax error reporting.

Use edebug-form-specs for many Emacs special-forms: defun, defmacro,
interactive, condition-case, cond, as well as lambda forms and
functions that take function arguments.  Define specs for all cl.el

Fix printing of window objects so they show the correct buffer.

Numerous display fixes that are too complex to explain.

Display frequency counts along with coverage data by inserting comment

Add global break condition.

Add "next" mode to stop only after expression evaluation.
Add top-level-nonstop to stop no more.

Add time argument to edebug-bounce-point.

Allow editing of previous breakpoint condition.

Fix edebug-step-in.

Clean up the backtrace display better.

Support Lucid Emacs command events.

Revision 2.7  92/03/23

Fix edebug-get-displayed-buffer-points to actually change buffers.

Restore current buffer in edebug-set-buffer-points

Use epoch::version instead of edebug-epoch-running.

Apparently we need to set-buffer in edebug-pop-to-buffer,
even after select-window.

Define dynamically bound variables to quite byte-compiler,
but leave them unbound to cause runtime error if used improperly.

Fix other problems with window-start, current-buffer, and

Revision 2.6  92/03/19
Disable edebug-save-point.  Now point of source code buffers is always
saved, mark is never saved, and window-start is always saved.

Change name of edebug-save-buffer-points to
edebug-save-displayed-buffer-points.  Also, if non-nil, only displayed
buffer points are saved.

Restructure definition of epoch specific functions so there is no
overhead for non-epoch use.

Add support for custom-print functions to handle print-level and
print-circle.  Use edebug-prin* functions instead of standard
print functions.

Yet another change of the instrumenting scheme:
edebug-enter gets a lambda form which can be byte-compiled;
edebug-after gets the after expression index from edebug-before which
is given the before expression index.  (Perhaps it is false economy to
avoid the after expression index.)  edebug-after also gets the
evaluated expression result, so no explicit evals need be done.

Most of edebug-defun was moved to edebug-func-form which also
handles embedded defuns.

Add functions edebug-forms and edebug-sexps.

Rename edebug-list to edebug-list-form.

Use edebug-form-specs for all special forms.  The spec may now be
a function which is called to process args.  Added -form to
the names of special form parser functions.

Rename edebug-form-parser to edebug-interpret-form-spec.  Add handling
of [...], function spec, and backtracking.  &optional now only applies
to one following spec.  Fixed some other bugs.

Added macro def-edebug-form-spec for convenience, and to convert
0 and t values to edebug-forms and edebug-sexps.

Add edebug-form-specs for mapcar, mapconcat, mapatoms, apply, and funcall
that all use the new function spec.

Rebuilt edebug-read-sexp to be simpler, faster, and more complete.

Accummulate frequencies of expression evaluation, displayable
with edebug-display-freq-count.

No longer do save-restriction since edebug's eval-region doesnt narrow.

Numerous other display changes related to source code buffer's
point and window-start.

Add -mode to the names of mode changing functions.

Set debugger to edebug-debug while inside edebug - it's almost
always useful inside, and not useful outside of edebug.

Add edebug-trace function to output FMT with ARGS to *edebug-trace* buffer.

Other changes I've forgotten.

Revision 2.5  91/07/25

Doc string cleanup.

If edebug-form-spec is t, evaluate all arguments.

If edebug-form-spec is 0, evaluate no arguments.

If edebug-form-spec is nil, evaluate macro args according
	to edebug-eval-macro-args.

Save the outside value of executing macro.

Save and restore the outside restriction.

Dont force update for go and Go-nonstop.

Save and restore last-command-char, last-command,
	this-command, last-input-char.

For epoch, do epoch::dispatch-events before sit-for
	and input-pending-p since X events could interfere.

Warn about unsetting non-existent breakpoint.

Fix edebug-forward-sexp with prefix arg.

Add edebug-step-out to exit from current sexp.

Revision 2.4  91/03/18
Force update after go or Go-nonstop modes, so overlay arrow is correct.

Support debug-on-quit.  Remove edebug-on-error.

Fix edebug-anonymous.  Bug found by jackr@wpd.sgi.com (Jack Repenning).

Don't discard-input anymore.  Easier to change modes this way.

Fix max-lisp-eval-depth and max-specpdl-size incrementing.

Save and restore points in all buffers, if
        edebug-save-buffer-points is non-nil.  Expensive!
        Bug caught by wolfgang@wsrcc.com (Wolfgang S. Rupprecht)

Save standard-output and standard-input in edebug-recursive-edit
        so that edebug-outside-excursion can restore them.

Call set-buffer in edebug-pop-to-buffer since
        select-window does not do that.

Fix edebug's eval-defun to remember current buffer inside evaluations
        and to evaluate top-level forms.  Found by Jamie Zawinski.

Add edebug-interactive-entry to support interactive forms with
        non-string arg. Bug found by Jack Repenning.

Simplify edebug-restore-match-data to just store-match-data.
        Motivated by linus@lysator.liu.se.

Move the match-data call to before the outside
        buffer is changed, since it assumes that.

Revision 2.3  91/01/17

Fix bug found by hollen@megatek.uucp.
	Current buffer was not being restored.

Call edebug with (edebug begin end 'exp)
	and add additional wrapper around body of functions:
	(edebug-enter function body).

Make &optional only apply to immediate next arg
	in edebug-interpret-form-spec (was edebug-macro-parser).

Catch debug errors with edebug.  Yeah!

Reset edebug-mode on first function entry.  Yeah!
	Motivated by Dion Hollenbeck.

Add the missing bindings to the global-edebug-map.

eval-current-buffer now uses eval-region.

eval-region now does not narrow region.
	Narrowing was the cause of the window-start being set wrong.

Reset edebug-mode only on
	first entry of any function at each recursive-edit level.

Add edebug-backtrace, to generate cleaned up
	backtrace.  It doesnt "work" like the debug backtrace, however.

Require reselecting outside window even if
	quit occurs, otherwise save-excursions may restore
	buffer to the wrong window.

Revision 2.2  90/11/26

Shadow eval-defun and eval-region.  Toggle
	edebugging with edebug-all-defuns.

Call edebug with (edebug 'function begin end 'exp)
	Suggested by Jamie Zawinski <jwz@lucid.com>.

Add edebug-interpret-form-spec to process macro args.
	Motivated by Darryl Okahata darrylo@hpnmxx.hp.com.

Fix by Roland McGrath <roland@ai.mit.edu>
	to wrap body of edebug-save-restriction in progn.

Fix by Darryl Okahata <darrylo%hpnmd@hpcea.hp.com>
	to add (set-window-hscroll (selected-window) 0) to

Revision 2.1  90/11/16

Clean up.

Add edebug-form-spec to edebug macro calls. Thanks to Joe Wells.

edebug-forward-sexp uses step mode if no forward-sexp.

Revision 2.0  90/11/14  22:30:54  liberte

Handle lambda forms, function, interactive evals, defmacro.

Clean up display for Epoch - save and restore screen configurations.
  Note: epoch 3.2 broke set-window-configuration.
  Also, sit-for pauses do not always work in epoch.

Display evaluations window.

Display result after expression evaluation.
  Thanks to discussions with Shinichirou Sugou.

Conditional and temporary breakpoints.

Change "continue" to "go" mode and add different "continue" mode.

Option to stop before symbols.

Fix by: Glen Ditchfield  gjditchfield@violet.uwaterloo.ca
to handle ?# type chars.

Revision 1.5  89/05/10
Fix condition-case expression lists.

Reorganize edebug.

Revision 1.4  89/02/14
Fix broken breakpointing.

Temporarily widen elisp buffer during edebug.

Revision 1.3  89/01/30
More bug fixes for cond and let.

Another parsing fix backquote.

Fix for lambda forms inside defuns.

Leave point at syntax error, mark at starting position.

Revision 1.2  88/11/28
Bug fixes: cond construct didnt execute.
  () in sexp list didnt parse
  () as variable in condition-case didnt parse.

Revision 1.1  88/11/28
Initial revision