edict / TODO

file: TODO

This file lists the known outstanding bugs and assorted desirable
changes.  The latter are divided into "prettification" (not requiring
thinking on this maintainer's part), "to do" (actual work, but I have
a pretty good idea how to do it), and "projects" (either I don't know
how to do it in Emacs LISP or careful thought about user interface and
the like is needed).

Closed bugs, to do items, and projects are moved to ChangeLog but the
remainder are not recycled.


1.  Editing does not work when the dictionaries aren't loaded
    (edict-user-dictionary is unbound).  Probably should also check
    for existence of edict-buffer.
2.  Completion of search methods will find insert methods, eg, need to
    filter in the same way as history.
3.  To conform with Makefile.GNU need to make default
    edict-dictionary-path point to .../emacs/site-lisp/edict.
4.  edict-standin does (aref i global-map)


1.  Move customizable variables to separate file.
2.  Give kanjidic entries precedence in list.
3.  Give private dictionary entries precedence in list.
4.  The nomenclature is non-standard (use of `*' in variable names).
    Change these to the `edict-...' style.
5.  Fix style of docstrings and move comments into docstrings where
6.  Move the docstring for `edict-init' back into the function.  It's
    currently not there because XEmacs gets confused about indentation
    if it is.


1.  Maybe add a customize interface (the only thing that might want
    customized that I know of is the proposed edict-coding-system
    variable, but there it would be definitely useful since Custom can 
    be set up to automatically reread EDICT, unlike setq).
    [SJT: also *edict-files*.]
2.  GNU Emacs compatibility.
3.  A "report private dictionary to Jim Breen" function.
4.  A "parse-word-at-point" function.  (I was wrong, it isn't in 
    the current version.  Hard; you can ask for it, but I don't know
    that I'll be able to produce a good one quickly :-)
5.  Info documentation.


1.  Generalization (eg for Korean/Chinese, or for Spanish/German for
    that matter).
2.  Error handling on file I/O etc is rude.  Especially fix the
    `with-output-to-temp-buffer' stuff.
3.  Why are there so many `edict-add-*' and `edict-insert-*' commands?
4.  Make the morphology rewrite system make sense, and be consistent
    with the docs.
5.  kanjidic support
6.  Figure out how to handle both GNU Emacs's functionality and XEmacs's
    functionality portably
7.  Use VM's tapestry.el to track window configuration, or borrow
    from view-process-mode.el.
8.  Bug report/feature request function.  (Use reporter.el, see
    view-process-mode.el for how.)
9.  Need to handle JIS X 0201 (and so on) in the dictionary as well as
    in the key.
10. The timing for missing/unreadable files and preregistered methods
    is bogus.  Think and fix.
11. "Upstream" and "external" package tracking.  Things like
    dictionaries should be tracked at their sources for updates.
    If you're going to have that capability, then why not the
    capability to do this for arbitrary packages?
12. If you're going to be automatically running off to do external
    package tracking, then automate sending the local dictionary to
    Jim Breen.