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edict / README.096

Copyright (C) 1992 Bob Kerns <rwk@crl.dec.com>

Package contents Copyright (c) 1991, 1992  Per Hammarlund <perham@nada.kth.se>
and Copyright (c) 1992 Bob Kerns <rwk@crl.dec.com>

Some code that looks for translations of english and japanese using the
EDICTJ Public Domain japanese/english dictionary.

edict.el written by Per Hammarlund <perham@nada.kth.se>
Morphology and private dictionary handling/editing by Bob Kerns <rwk@crl.dec.com>
International installation script by Bob Kerns <rwk@crl.dec.com>
Helpful remarks from Ken-Ichi Handa <handa@etl.go.jp>.
The EDICTJ PD dictionary is maintained by Jim Breen <jwb@monu6.cc.monash.edu.au>
Your credits here if you contribute!

This distribution includes the following files.

README			You should read this file first!  (OK, you are...)
COPYING			The GNU public license.
edict.ChangeLog		History of changes.
edict.el		The actual code for the dictionary lookup program.
edict-test.el		The test suite for the dictionary lookup program.
edict.doc		The documentation.  Read this for usage instructions.
install.edict		The installation script, internationalized.
			(Please contribute a language, currently only
			Japanese, English, and Swedish.)
Makefile		You won't need this, this is to build distributions.
edictj.demo		A demo version of the edictj public-domain dictionary.
			You may use this to try out the software; I suggest using
			the words 'car' and '��' as a test cases.

			You should obtain the real dictionary via
			anonymous ftp from the /pub/Nihongo directory
			at monu6.cc.monash.edu.au. 

The installation process, ie running the install script, creates the
following additional files:

edict.elc		Compiled version of edict.el; the actual compiled library
			code to load.
edict.emacs		Sample code to include in your .emacs file.

To run the installation script, cd to the directory containing this software,
and do ./install.edict, and answer the questions.

cd /usr/local/src/edict