edit-utils /

  (standards-version 1.1
   version VERSION
   author-version AUTHOR_VERSION
   date DATE
   build-date BUILD_DATE
   maintainer MAINTAINER
   distribution xemacs
   priority high
   category CATEGORY
   dump nil
   description "Miscellaneous editor extensions, you probably need this."
   filename FILENAME
   md5sum MD5SUM
   size SIZE
   provides (abbrevlist atomic-extents avoid backup-dir balloon-help big-menubar blink-cursor blink-paren bookmark compare-w completion dabbrev desktop detached-minibuf edit-toolbar fast-lock file-part floating-toolbar flow-ctrl foldout func-menu hippie-exp icomplete id-select info-look iswitchb lazy-lock lazy-shot live-icon man mic-paren paren popper mode-motion+ outl-mouse page-ext blink-paren paren permanent-buffers recent-files redo reportmail rsz-minibuf saveconfsavehist saveplace scroll-in-place tempo toolbar-utils tree-menu uniquify where-was-i-db)
   requires (REQUIRES)
   type single
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