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undid most recent windows changes

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+2001-03-01  Ben Wing  <>
+	Undid recently checked-in changes of 2000-07-12 pending approval
+	from Mike Sperber.
 2000-07-12  Ben Wing  <>
 	* efs.el:
 ;; List of gateway types for which we need to do explicit file handling on
 ;; the gateway machine.
-(defconst efs-null-device (cond ((boundp 'null-device) null-device)
-				((boundp 'grep-null-device) grep-null-device)
-				((eq system-type 'windows-nt) "nul")
-				(t "/dev/null"))
-  "Filename corresponding to the null device.")
 ;;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;;; User customization variables. Please read through these carefully.
 ;;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------
 ;;; End of gateway config variables.
 (defcustom efs-tmp-name-template
-  (concat (if (fboundp 'temp-directory)
-	      ;; we may be calling the cygwin ftp client, regardless of
-	      ;; whether we're running a cygwin version of xemacs, and it
-	      ;; doesn't accept \'s in filenames.  the windows ftp client
-	      ;; accepts /'s, so use them.
-	      (if (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
-		  (replace-in-string (temp-directory) "\\\\" "/")
-		(temp-directory))
-	    "/tmp") "/efs")
+  (concat (if (fboundp 'temp-directory) (temp-directory) "/tmp") "/efs")
   "Template used to create temporary files.
 If you are worried about security, make this a directory in some
 bomb-proof cave somewhere. efs does clean up its temp files, but
 		  (memq host-type efs-unix-host-types)
 		  (let ((line (nth 1 (efs-send-cmd
 				      host user
-				      (list 'get tilde efs-null-device)
+				      (list 'get tilde "/dev/null")
 				      (format "expanding %s" tilde)))))
 		    (setq res
 			  (and (string-match efs-expand-dir-msgs line)
 	     ;; Try to get tilde.
 	     ((null dir)
 	      (let ((tilde (nth 1 (efs-send-cmd
-				   host user (list 'get "~"
-						   efs-null-device)))))
+				   host user (list 'get "~" "/dev/null")))))
 		 ;; super dumb unix
 		 ((string-match efs-super-dumb-unix-tilde-regexp tilde)