efs / efs-dos-distinct.el

Diff from to


 ;; File:         efs-dos-distinct.el
-;; Release:      $efs release: 1.18 $
+;; Release:      $efs release: 1.19 $
 ;; Version:      #Revision: 1.1 $
 ;; RCS:          
 ;; Description:  Distinct's DOS FTP server support for efs
 (require 'efs)
 (defconst efs-dos-distinct-version
-  (concat (substring "$efs release: 1.18 $" 14 -2)
+  (concat (substring "$efs release: 1.19 $" 14 -2)
 	  (substring "#Revision: 1.1 $" 11 -2)))
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